Historically High Mortgage Rates Aren’t Hampering Real Estate Investment Popularity

What is Real Estate Commission

Despite historic highs in American mortgage rates, real estate investing remains strong.  According to a new study examining all industries within the S&P 500 Index, real estate investment still sees excellent returns, with an overall ranking of sixth best.  Recent data released by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, or Freddie Mac, reveals that an … Read more

New York and San Francisco Among the Cities Getting Hit Hardest by the Housing Crisis

New York and San Francisco are cities known for their abundant job markets and large metropolitan populations. Add to this list of designations the country’s two most challenging housing markets. In the current economic climate, additional financial pressure on housing pushes some working Americans out of the cities, regardless of their employment status. A recent … Read more

5 Unforeseen Reasons for Housing Market Prices Tanking

We all know the story. The pandemic hit the world, leading to lower mortgage rates and a greater desire for people to have their own space. As a result, we all rushed to buy properties, causing one of the tightest property markets of recent years. But fast forward to more than two years later, and … Read more

What is Real Estate Commission?

What is Real Estate Commission

If, like me, you’re building a real estate business, dealing with real estate agents come as part of the territory. Unfortunately, most of the ones I’ve dealt with have been pretty poor. This makes the good agents stand-out even more.This post, written by Ben Mizes explains the costs of using an agent. If you are … Read more