Religious Professor Accused of Homophobia and “Misogynistic Banter” and Is Terminated From His Science Teaching

A Texas biology professor with over 20 years of teaching experience claimed he was fired from St. Philip’s College in San Antonio after four students walked out of his classroom. 

Allegations of Discrimination

Dr. Johnson Varkey, a veteran professor who has been teaching that sex is determined by x and y chromosomes, was accused of engaging in religious preaching during his lecture on the human reproductive system.

According to Dr. Varkey, the incident occurred on November 28, 2022, when four students stormed out of his lecture. 

Subsequently, he faced allegations of making discriminatory comments about homosexuals and transgender individuals, sharing anti-abortion rhetoric, and engaging in misogynistic banter.

Investigation Resulting in Termination

In January, he received an email from the college district human resources department stating that his credentials would be revoked pending an investigation, ultimately resulting in his termination.

In response to his dismissal, lawyers from the first liberty institute, representing Dr. Varkey, sent a letter to St. Philip’s College demanding his reinstatement.

The letter argued that his termination violated federal and state laws and infringed upon his first amendment rights. 

The lawyers emphasized that Dr. Varkey’s statements were grounded in his extensive education, and experience, and not on religious beliefs.

Complaints From Students

Dr. Varkey, who taught human anatomy and physiology at the college for 22 years, is an associate pastor at a local church and a devout Christian.

However, his attorneys clarified that he had never expressed any of his personal beliefs in the classroom.

They highlighted his commitment to teaching students of all backgrounds and his adherence to approved and science-based curricula throughout his tenure.

However, the college alleged that his teaching went beyond academic boundaries and became religious, as per the complaints received from students.

Not and Isolated Incident

St. Philip’s College informed Dr. Varkey that he was not scheduled to teach in the upcoming spring semester and that he would not be offered any further teaching opportunities at the institution.

As of now, the college has not publicly responded to the letter sent by Dr. Varkey’s legal representation.

This is not the first time St. Philip’s College has faced complaints from professors with conservative-leaning perspectives.

Just last month, political science professor Will Moravits claimed that his contract was terminated due to his beliefs following student complaints.

The Power of the Offended

Moravits’ lawyer stated that the professor attempted to engage students in discussions that encompassed all sides of controversial issues, such as police brutality and gender ideology.

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “How can basic scientific knowledge be referred to as “religious preaching”?”

Another user added, “So much for tenure, I guess if 4 offended students can get a professor fired over stating facts.”

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