Self-Named ‘Rich Black Woman’ Gets Mocked at Starbucks – When She Called Them Out It Got Beyond Awkward!

In June 2023, TikTok influencer ‘Rich Black Woman,’ known as @richblackwomantv, shared a distressing experience at a Starbucks in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

Interesting Nickname

In a 2:43 “storytime” video on TikTok, she recounted how the employees at the coffee shop had the audacity to mock the name she uses both online and offline.

She explained that she often goes by the name “Rich Black Woman” when ordering through the Starbucks mobile app.

On this particular day, she decided to sit inside the Goldsboro Starbucks to do some work on her laptop, as her husband had already made her tea at home. While seated there, she used the app to order her favorite chai latte, a routine she had followed many times before.

Trying Behavior

To her dismay, as the baristas prepared her order, she overheard them openly ridiculing the name “Rich Black Woman” without realizing she was sitting right in front of them.

Frustrated by their behavior, she emphasized that they were “trying” her when they should have been “trying Jesus.”

“They proceed to talk trash about me the entire time they are making my drink,” Rich Black Woman shared in her video. She went on to reveal some of the rude comments made by the baristas, including one employee who expressed offense at not being able to call themselves a “rich white woman” without facing judgment.

Derogatory Chatter

Finally, when one of the baristas called out her order, they only said the “Rich” part of her name aloud. Correcting him, Rich Black Woman asserted, “It’s OK to say ‘Black Woman.'”

The staff froze in their tracks, realizing their mistake.

“I said, ‘And you should’ve seen them freeze. Everybody was frozen,'” Rich Black Woman recalled. Additionally, she expressed disappointment that another barista, whom she perceived to be a black man, remained silent throughout the incident while his colleagues engaged in derogatory chatter.

You Could Cut the Atmosphere With a Knife

Fortunately, she didn’t need much backup as she confidently educated the staff about the importance of not mocking anyone, especially when they might be within earshot.

“And I said to them, ‘You never know who is ordering from the app right in the store,'” Rich Black Woman asserted. She added, “And everybody was silent for the next 90 minutes while I finished my work and drank my venti chai latte.”

She certainly made her point and enjoyed her drink without further disturbances.

Overwhelming Support

Following the release of Rich Black Woman’s video, the influencer and public speaker received overwhelming support from her TikTok community. Some Starbucks baristas even apologized on behalf of their colleagues. 

Amidst the support, there were also critical comments suggesting that she brought the drama upon herself by using the name she prefers.

Nevertheless, Rich Black Woman’s fans swiftly shut down those negative remarks, emphasizing the importance of respect and understanding.

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