Drive-Thru Employee Refuses to Serve Mom With Screaming Toddler

When it comes to customer service, the phrase “the customer is always right” circulates constantly. However, in this instance, the customer may not have been right, according to social media users.

Taking a Different Side

A TikTok video has been circulating of a woman at a Panera drive-thru trying to place an order while her toddler was screaming.

The employee then refused her service because he was distracted by the toddler and could not understand what the woman was saying.

The woman refused to leave once service was refused and pressured the employee to tell her why he would not take her order.

@leikerornot What child doesn’t make noise? 😂🤣 #fyp #trending #panerabread ♬ original sound – leikerornot

The employee eventually told the woman that he would not take her order because of her toddler.

The woman immediately becomes indignant and asks, “So you are gonna refuse to take my order because my child was screaming?”

The employee responded, “Yes, I have the right to do that.”

The employee then attempts to give her alternative solutions by offering for her to come inside and place her order or placing an online order.

The woman becomes enraged and refuses and tells the employee that she is recording the entire interaction.

She, predictably, threatens to email corporate over his “rude” behavior. She complains that she cannot come inside to order because her daughter is not wearing shoes.

After much more complaining and arguing, the employee finally acquiesces and says that he will take her order as long as her toddler is not screaming.

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TikTok Reacts

The woman was obviously expecting to receive support in the comments of her video, but she was sorely mistaken.

One user said, “team Panera guy on this”

Another said, “Girl bye!”

Another user said, “Dude handled this perfectly.”

Another user was confused about the shoe situation. “Dude why does your daughter not have shoes”

Another user pointed out how difficult it is to hear when there is significant background noise in coming through the speaker.

Yet another user pointed out, “And if he messed up the order cause he couldn’t hear with the child screaming, then you’d be kicking off about that too. I’m with him on this.”

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