Server Claims “Blue Lives Matter” to Get a Hefty Tip from Her Customers

In the United States, numerous food service workers’ livelihood relies heavily on tips to bridge the gap and attain a livable wage. As a result, many servers find themselves treading carefully, cautiously navigating their interactions to ensure the highest chances of securing generous gratuities. 

Compromised Beliefs

A recent TikTok video posted by Victoria Taylor (@itsvickytay) has ignited a significant discussion among servers, shedding light on the extent to which some individuals are willing to compromise their own beliefs for a larger tip.

The TikTok video features two women gleefully laughing, accompanied by a text overlay that reads, “when she agreed with a Blue Lives Matter supporter she was serving at her table and got a $25 tip out of it.” 

Blue Lives Matter

In the video’s caption, Victoria elaborates, noting that the customer’s bill amounted to only $50, highlighting the act of code-switching. To clarify her stance, she includes hashtags such as “#blm” and “#codeswitch,” indicating that she and her companion do not actually support the Blue Lives Matter movement.

The phrase “Blue Lives Matter” emerged as a counter-response to the Black Lives Matter movement, gaining prominence after the tragic murders of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu in December 2014. 

Pressures Faced by Servers

It led to the state of Louisiana classifying attacks against police officers, EMS workers, and firefighters as hate crimes.

Many individuals who viewed Victoria’s TikTok video expressed empathy, with one user referencing a quote from Coco Jones: “yes, I did that, and you would do it too for a check,” acknowledging the financial pressures and difficult choices faced by service industry workers.

Agreeing With Customers

Various servers chimed in, sharing their own experiences of adopting a similar approach, agreeing with customers to maintain a pleasant work environment. User @boemig admitted, “As someone that hates conflict, I generally tend to just agree with the customers so they’ll stop talking, and I’ve gotten a few good tips out of it.” 

Another user, Paul Christensen, offered a “protip,” suggesting that servers claim to have voted for Biden while expressing dissatisfaction with his performance, as some customers appreciate that perspective. 

Meanwhile, some servers were willing to adapt and “switch up for one min FOR THAT MONAYYYY,” particularly when dealing with Trump-supporting customers known for their generous tips.

Code-Switching for Financial Gain

The TikTok video has sparked a broader conversation, delving into the ethical implications of code-switching and compromising personal beliefs purely for financial gain. 

It has shed light on the challenges faced by food service workers who often find themselves under pressure to conform to customers’ expectations in pursuit of better compensation. The discussion raises important questions about the delicate balance between earning a livelihood and maintaining personal integrity.

As this dialogue continues, it serves as a reminder of the complex dynamics at play within the service industry and the struggles faced by those working to make ends meet. It prompts a reflection on the need for fair and sustainable wages that do not place workers in compromising positions, allowing them to express their authentic selves without fearing financial repercussions.

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