She Was Angry After Being Woken and Aggressively Cut off Her Daughter’s Hair

Waking up to a screaming child isn’t always easy, especially if you have trouble controlling your anger. 

She’s Woken By Her Daughter

In a recent TikTok video (@iconiccmoviess), a woman gets so mad after being woken up by her daughter’s crying that she cuts her hair off instead of calming her down.

The video shows the mother shows no hesitation in doing this to her daughter after being woken. Perhaps she thinks she is dreaming, but she does it for real.

The video starts with the young girl crying. She is so upset. All she likely wants is attention from her mother, who is sleeping. 

She Wakes in a Rage

As soon as the mother gets out of bed, she goes into a rage and heads straight to the cupboard to find the scissors. Without hesitation, she heads straight for the bedroom where her daughter is crying to use the scissors to cut her hair.

She approaches her daughter, who is being cared for by a nanny, grabs her arm, and shouts at her.

Shouting at a crying child is never going to calm them down. If anything, it will make them cry more. 

She Cuts Off Her Hair

When her daughter doesn’t calm down, as expected, the mother grabs her hair and aggressively cuts it off. 

The daughter continues to cry and doesn’t move to obey her mother. And the mother continues to aggressively cut her hair away in large chunks until she feels calm.

However, she doesn’t quite reach the point of calm as the rest of the family comes to the daughter’s rescue. 

Her family was outside in the garden enjoying a peaceful meal. They hear the young girl’s cries get louder and her mother shouting. So they head for the house and run straight up the stairs to see what is going on. 

Family Come to Her Rescue

To the father’s disappointment, he finds the mother aggressively chopping away at their daughter’s hair. The nanny is standing to the side in shock while watching the scene unfolding in front of her. 

After seeing the father, the mother looks worried, understanding she has acted out of anger and not that she did not try to console their daughter. 

The father lunges forward to grab his wife’s arm and push her out of the way to get to his daughter. The daughter remains sitting on the bed throughout this scene, scared of what else could happen if she continues to cry. 

They’re Both Afraid of the Mother

The father grabs the daughter and lifts her off the bed to cuddle and protect her. Both the father and daughter look afraid of the mother.

Instead of apologizing, the mother storms out of the bedroom and away from the family. Maybe she was embarrassed or so stubborn that she thought how she reacted was right. 

The family stands there in shock after seeing the mother walk off instead of apologizing. The father continues to hold their daughter in his arms, protecting her from anything else the mother might do to her. 

When the mother has disappeared from the room, the family comes together and is lost for words. It appears the father wants to say something, but no words come. He is lost for what to say or what to do. 

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