She Tried to Comfort a Screaming Child, His Parents Were Offended!

Recently, a woman took to Reddit to ask whether she was wrong for comforting a screaming child. Here’s the full story.

A Shopping Centre Playground

The story occurred in a shopping center, where the Original Poster (OP), aged 38-year-old, and her 30-year-old husband were enjoying a coffee while their 4-year-old daughter played in the nearby indoor playground.

The area was loud and boisterous, filled with the sounds of children playing, laughing, and occasionally crying out for their parents. It was the usual hustle and bustle of a children’s play area, and everyone knew what to expect.

However, when OP left to do some Mother’s Day shopping, she returned to a completely different atmosphere. She was greeted by the ear-piercing screams and cries of a child who sounded like they were in serious danger.

A Screaming Child

She asked her husband, “What the?” he indicated a sobbing child, telling OP that the child had been crying and screaming for ten minutes.

When OP turned to look, she didn’t see any parents scurrying to the crying child. Instead, she saw a large group of adults glaring at the youngster angrily, perhaps in response to the ruckus.

She knew something had to be done to help the child, and without hesitation, she walked over to him and asked, “Hey, mate, are you okay?” Where is your mother? The young boy then gestured behind OP to his parents.

She Approached the Child

OP answered, “Oh, okay,” and turned around to see the mother walking over.

However, this is where things started to take a turn for the worse. The father of the screaming child was currently engaging in one of those stare-downs that take place immediately before a quarrel breaks out with OP’s husband.

She noticed it and advised her husband to ignore it because she thought the man was probably embarrassed.

OP and her family resumed eating after her spouse broke the awkward eye contact.

The Child’s Father Was Staring Them Down

While OP was eating, she saw that the father of the now-quiet child had moved over to the play area to stand, but he was once more looking down at her husband while facing away from his child.

OP went over and said, “Hey, sorry if I offended you. I don’t want a fight.”

She mentioned that she was unaware that the kid’s parents were present and that she just wanted to check on his well-being.

The mother nodded in agreement, but the father just stared.

You may stop glaring at my spouse now, OP told him, and the man replied, “I’m not staring at him, I’m staring at you.”

OP was taken aback and couldn’t believe what had just happened.

She Retaliated

Consequently, she cursed and questioned, “Bro, why are you staring at me?”

Then the man replied, “Excuse me, would you mind refraining from cursing around children?”

OP understood that there was no point in arguing with him and said, “Oh, okay, you’re crazy,” and then turned around to return to her husband.

OP was confused and asked Reddit whether she was wrong for checking on the screaming child.

Redditors supported OP and said that she did the right thing as checking in children is appropriate, and the odd stare-down and confrontation by the man is just bizarre.

Could Have Handled It Better

One Reddit user wrote, “You probably could have handled the confrontation a bit better, and talking that way to a stranger, especially one who does seem crazy, might be a little dangerous! But just for checking on a screaming kid, nah! I’d have done the exact same thing.”

Another Redditor mentioned that the man must be a lunatic and that checking on a screaming child is best if no one else confronts them.

So what is your opinion? Did OP do the right thing? Would you confront a crying child?

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