Her Adult Daughter Lives at Home and Has a Well-Paying Job, so She Thinks She Should Pay Rent. Should Adults Pay Rent?

This mother has asked her adult daughter to contribute to the rent, but she isn’t complying, and every time she reminds her an argument ensues.

She’s Been Living Rent Free

In this situation, a 50-year-old woman has asked her 24-year-old daughter, Bella to pay rent after living with her rent-free for several months. 

Bella had recently graduated from college but struggled to find a job until October, and the Original Poster (OP) supported her during this time. 

Now that she has found a well-paying job, OP has asked her to pay rent to cover some of the family’s expenses.

One day, Bella told OP that she had planned a trip with her friends and saved money for a plane ticket. 

She Needs to Start Paying Rent

OP reminded her again that she still needed to pay rent, as it appeared she was trying to avoid paying rent so she could save money for her trip. 

Bella responded by saying she would pay rent, but wanted to deduct her credit card bill from the rent amount. She wanted her mother to pay her credit card bill first and then keep the rest as rent. 

OP found this unacceptable and expressed her displeasure to Bella, who rolled her eyes and attempted to walk away.

During their argument, OP said some unfortunate things in the heat of the moment. Although she did not remember exactly what she said, she acknowledged it may have been hurtful to her daughter. 

She Became Distant

Bella became extremely distant afterward and started working overtime almost every day. OP attempted to talk to her daughter about the situation, but she either ignored her messages or told her how she misunderstood her and made her feel bad.

OP’s husband thought she was wrong, as he believed their daughter was already under a lot of stress and that she was adding to it by constantly reminding her of rent money she didn’t have. 

He thought OP was the villain in the situation for demanding rent during a fight. However, she felt she did not deserve any of the treatment she received from her daughter, as she loved her much and asked her to contribute to the family’s expenses.

She Finally Paid

Eventually, Bella handed her mother a stack of cash that included both the rent and the credit card bill. 

When OP tried to tell her that the money would be placed in a family savings account, Bella rolled her eyes and said she didn’t care. 

She then cut up the credit card for which OP had been managing the bills. OP’s husband gave her an “I told you so” look, but OP still felt she was in the right. 

She did not think she had crossed any lines during their argument and believed her daughter needed to learn responsibility.

What Redditors Said

EmmaHere wrote, “This is my own opinion, but I would have told my kid to have fun with their first month’s pay and start paying rent the following month. The constant reminder for rent money before she had been paid sounds stressful and annoying.”

Another said, “Speaking as a parent myself; if you charge rent to your child, there is something wrong with you. There can be exceptions to the rule, but for the most part the concept is insane.”

What do you think? Should adult children pay rent? Was this mother being too harsh on their daughter, or is she teaching her valuable lessons?

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