Her SIL Ruined Her Seasonal Batch of Tomato Sauce, All 5 Pots of It! She Kicked Her Out for Her Shocking Culinary Crime

This woman is seeking validation for her decision to ban her sister-in-law from her home after a culinary incident involving tomato sauce. Here’s the full story.

An Unwanted Sous-Chef

The Original Poster (OP) is a 28-year-old who says she gets along fine with her older brother, 32, and his wife, 33.

However, OP says her sister-in-law has an annoying habit of sneaking into the kitchen and seasoning whatever is cooking when no one is watching her. She believes she is fixing things, but OP says not all foods require the addition of turmeric.

So the story began when OP received 40 pounds of tomatoes last Saturday, and it took her the entire weekend to make the sauce she planned.

She Was Making the Season’s Sauce

OP says she had five pots with plain tomato sauce, which she planned to season with different herbs and spices.

Things took a turn when her sister-in-law and brother arrived to grab a bag of extra clothing for one of their kids. In the five minutes it took for OP to get it, her sister-in-law managed to enter the kitchen and season all five pots that were simmering on the stove with salt, pepper, turmeric, olive oil, garlic powder, and Italian herbs.

She Equally Seasoned 5 Pots of Sauce

She even had the audacity to claim that “this sauce needed some taste, so I added it for you” when OP questioned her about what she was doing.

OP was so enraged that she knew she couldn’t talk to her calmly.

Then OP walked over to her brother to tell him to take the clothing and his wife and inform him that his wife was no longer welcome in her home.

Her Culinary Crime Resulted In Her Banishment

Her sister-in-law followed her and began to apologize, but OP ignored her. Then OP also mentioned that she expects 40 pounds of replacement tomatoes and that her brother should come by tomorrow to pick up the sauce his wife spoiled since it will be thrown away.

They departed, and he returned with the tomatoes, her apology letter, and an apologetic carrot cake.

But OP assured him that her choice stands. Her brother was disappointed and left.

They Tried to Apologize

So when OP’s parents called to speak about the incident, OP told them to make alternative plans for Memorial Day since OP is the one who usually hosts, and she doesn’t want her sister-in-law in her house.

OP’s parents were angry and said that OP was wrong for what she did.

OP took to Reddit to ask whether she was in the wrong, and thousands of comments poured in supporting OP.

Don’t Mess With Someone Else’s Cooking!

One Reddit user wrote, “She’s crossing boundaries, poking into something where she doesn’t belong. There are all kinds of wrong with messing with someone else’s cooking – what if you were making something for someone allergic to turmeric? Good on your brother for replacing the tomatoes and on her for apologizing.”

Another Redditor pointed out that OP was right and that she is entitled to hold to her boundary even after her apology.

A third Reddit user commented, “She was in the wrong, your brother knows she was in the wrong, she apologized, they both tried to make amends, I think you should give her a second chance and see if she learned her lesson.”

So what are your thoughts? What would you do if this happened to you?

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