She Thinks Her Sister Has an Unhealthy Relationship With a Stuffed Dog. But Did She Just Overact to an Innocent Situation?

In this tale of sibling rivalry, it’s hard to tell which is wrong and which is right. The Reddit community seems to have made up their mind though.

Sibling Rivalry

Samantha always knew that her relationship with her younger sister, Sarah, was strained. Despite their efforts to get along, a sense of jealousy always hung between them. 

Samantha had been fortunate enough to meet her husband in college, and they had been happily married for nine years. 

They had four children, ranging in age from seven years to just eighteen months, and Samantha was able to devote herself entirely to her family as a stay-at-home mom. 

She actively participated in the school community and her children’s activities, including PTA meetings and volunteering.

Two Very Different Sisters

On the other hand, Sarah had never been able to make a relationship work and claimed she did not want children. 

She had dropped out of graduate school, which made her miserable, without even finishing her degree. She had a job in an industry known for not making a lot of money, and even though she had a high-level position within her organization, she was never going to make a lot of money. 

She had been living with a male co-worker for a few years, but they were not romantically involved. She claimed she wasn’t interested in a romantic relationship with him or anyone else and that he felt the same way.

During Sarah’s recent visit, Samantha shared how great her kids were doing in school, and Sarah immediately went on about a recent conference she had attended, where everyone already seemed to know who she was.

 It felt defensive as if she was trying to justify her lifestyle because Samantha’s family was doing so well. 

She Was Talking to a Stuffed Dog

Later that night, Samantha caught Sarah video chatting with her co-worker/roommate, talking to a stuffed dog he had given her for Christmas as if it were her own child. 

Samantha was creeped out by this and confronted Sarah about it. Sarah tried to laugh it off and refused to acknowledge any deeper issues. 

Samantha got frustrated and told her sister that pretending a stuffed animal was her child was creepy. If she ever wanted a real family, she needed to make that happen for herself instead of focusing solely on her job.

Samantha’s husband later told her he thought he had heard Sarah crying in the bathroom. Despite Samantha’s frustration and annoyance with her sister, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of sadness for her. 

She knew that Sarah was struggling with her own issues and that their strained relationship had only worsened over the years. Samantha wondered if there was anything she could do to help her sister, but she wasn’t sure where to start.

Here’s What Redditors Said

One user said, “There are no deeper issues, just you trying to create drama to prove she’s jealous of you, so you can feel better about your life choices. Your sister wasn’t crying because you gave her a “reality check”, she was crying because her sister was being cruel to her.”

Another replied, “You sound insufferable. I’m sorry your sister doesn’t conform to your standards of success. It sounded like she was happy with her roommate, and you dumped on that.”

Someone responded, “You sound super insecure about your “perfect” life.”

What do you think? Was Samantha being a wicked sister from a Disney movie, or does Sarah have issues she’s not dealing with?

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