She Was the Victim but Was Being Sued by the Woman Who Broke Into Her Property and Tried to Steal Her Horse!

This woman’s story is about an entitled Mom suing her for not allowing her kids to enter their private property! A crazy tale.

She Owns a Horse Ranch

The Original Poster (OP) is a woman who owns a horse and cattle ranch. She never gives riding lessons because most of the horses are rescues, and there are a lot of weirdos out there, so she doesn’t want them coming to her property. One day, OP’s security system went off, indicating someone had shown up at her ranch and tried to get in. 

When OP got to the gate, there was a woman with a bad haircut, overweight, designer clothes, and an entitled attitude. She stared down her nose at OP and said she had spoken to someone that this was the place for her daughter to take horseback riding lessons.

No Riding Lessons Here!

OP asked her who told her that, and the woman said, “The owner of this place, obviously. Now open this gate so I can take my daughter to her lesson.” 

OP looked her dead in the eye through the gate and said, “I’m the owner, I’ve never spoken to you before, and I don’t give lessons. You’re confused; now, please leave.” 

The woman laughed and said OP was just a crazy old lady who didn’t know anything and should take her mental meds and nap after opening the gate for them.

OP stared at her, drill sergeant style, and said firmly, “I’m old, not senile. And this is my property. Leave before the police come.” She then turned and walked away. 

She Verbally Abused Her

The woman screamed at her with all kinds of obscenities and threatened to sue the “crazy old bat!” OP just kept walking. When she reached the house, she called the police.

While she was on the phone with them, one of her foster kids, let’s call him Doug, asked if she knew who the weird teen was running across the front of the house. OP looked outside and saw a teenage girl running from the dogs and up a tree. 

She was well-dressed (designer everything well-dressed), and the dogs were barking like crazy. 

The Police Arrested Them

The police arrived and arrested the mother and daughter for trespassing. The mother screamed the same entitled rubbish she had at the gate but had now changed her story. She now claimed that the owner of the property had promised her daughter a horse and lessons. No one listened, and the police hauled them off.

Cut to a week later, and OP received a notice in the mail that the mother was suing her and demanding all her “dangerous and disgusting animals be taken away and put down.” 

She Was Suing Her!

At the courthouse, OP showed the judge the security footage from the house, gate, and stable (with audio in 4k!) of these people screaming, cursing, and trying to squeeze through the gate before smashing the gate control call box on the outside and then trying to steal one of OP’s horses and put the animal into their small minivan. 

The horse in question they were trying to take was a draft horse, a Shire Clydesdale mix. There ain’t no way that he was fitting in that car!

The judge looked at the mother and asked, “Are you psychotic? You pay their (i.e., OP’s) lawyer and fees, as well as jail time for property damage, which you will pay for, and animal endangerment charges.” The entitled mother could only stammer, “But the dogs attacked my daughter.”

The judge turned to OP and asked if her dogs had ever bitten anyone ever. OP replied, “No, sir. They bark, and that’s about it. They will go after a bear or mountain lion, but not a human.” The judge shrugged.

They Ruled in Her Favor

In total, the entitled mother had to pay a little over $60,000 USD, plus late fees and fines because she didn’t pay the first time and got hauled back to court and paid up.

OP was glad that justice got served, and she could continue running her ranch without interference from entitled Karens. OP felt happy that her ranch was safe and that the rescue animals were well cared for.

OP also felt proud of her determination and assertiveness in dealing with this woman. She admired her ability to stand her ground and protect her property and her animals. OP realized that sometimes, people could be entitled and unreasonable, but it’s essential to stand up for oneself and not let them trample over one’s boundaries.

OP’s encounter with the entitled woman was a lesson in standing up for oneself and protecting one’s property. OP’s ranch remained safe, and the rescue animals were well

Redditors enjoyed her story. One user said, “Thanks for the story; I love/hate reading about these main characters who try to paint themselves as angels while acting like spoiled brats.”

What do you think about this dramatic tale? Should she contest the fine?

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