Walmart Worker Threw Boxes at Customers and Staff – Her Colleague Captured It on Video and Threw Her Under the Bus!

Working in the retail industry, particularly in a large store with a wide range of products, can be an incredibly demanding job. The sheer volume of inventory makes it challenging to keep everything organized, despite the protocols, corporate store planning, and shelving arrangements in place. 

A Demanding Job

Employees are responsible for physically stocking shelves and ensuring the store is easily navigable for customers.

If you’ve ever worked in retail, you know that there’s always plenty of work to be done. From tidying up after customers who leave products at the register or in different aisles, to cleaning spills and assisting with loss prevention cases, the tasks are endless.

It often feels like you’re being pulled in multiple directions simultaneously.

No Financial Security

Things get even worse when a number of coworkers call out, leaving you to handle the workload of multiple people, all for a wage that barely covers your basic needs, let alone provides any financial security for the future.

The constant pressure and low pay can take a toll on employees, leading some to lash out while at work. The combination of dissatisfaction with the job and a meager salary can create a recipe for disaster.

Break Down

This seems to be the case in a viral video posted by a TikTok user named @sam.a.nt.ha, where it is claimed that a disgruntled Walmart employee had a workplace outburst. 

In the video, the employee is seen breaking down and throwing boxes, with one of them hitting Samantha, the person recording the incident. Samantha alleges that the employee had already hit them with a box before she started recording and continued to toss boxes toward several customers. 

Samantha wrote in the comments section of the video: “Before I started recording, she hit us with a box and kept tossing them towards several customers. She’s currently looking for a new job!” 

Taking Out Her Frustrations…on Everyone

Other TikTokers commented that the employee appeared visibly upset and wondered how many customers she might have unintentionally struck with the thrown boxes. Some viewers believed that the employee’s actions were inappropriate, as she seemed irate and should not have taken her frustrations out on customers. 

Understandable Some Said

There were others who saw nothing wrong with the employee’s behavior, stating that late-night shift employees often handle pallets in this manner and that the boxes were likely filled with goods that wouldn’t be damaged.

A few people acknowledged that while the employee might have been upset, her actions could be attributed to frustration caused by covering multiple shifts for absent coworkers.

Some viewers also criticized Samantha for trying to get the employee in trouble, while others speculated that the worker was intentionally trying to get fired from the job.

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