She Cheated on Him and Boasted About It to Her Friends, He Found Out, And So He Got Her Deported

Reddit’s “Pro Revenge” subthread has provided another entertaining story. The Original Poster (OP) recalls the time he got his girlfriend deported, here’s what happened. 

Love is Blind

OP was thirty-years-old and lived a simple life working in a national park. He was content, but that changed when he met a young woman.

She was twenty two years of age and worked as a housekeeper on a work visa. They felt a spark, an instant connection that couldn’t be ignored. 

Within a month, they were deeply in love and embarked on a long-distance relationship.

They traveled to see each other, exploring new places and cherishing every moment spent together. They continued this wonderful routine for two beautiful years. 

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Her Knight in Shining Armor 

But as time passed, the harsh realities of life in Romania, with its political and economic corruption, made the young woman’s future uncertain. Her family was worried, but OP had a plan. 

He arranged for sponsorship, proposed, and she moved to the United States to be with him. It seemed as though their fairy tale dreams were finally coming true.

Their Fairy Tale Shattered by a Text Message

But fate had other plans. A month after the young woman settled in, OP received a message from her best friend back home.

The message contained a years worth of screenshots showing the young woman bragging about conning OP into paying for her residency, all the while cheating on him with eight different men.

In her friend’s words, “You are a good man, and you don’t deserve this.”

He’s as Cold as ICE

OP was devastated. But he refused to let this woman, who had taken advantage of him, stay in his country.

He reported her to ICE and Homeland Security for a conversation he had with her brother about how they used to smuggle weapons to Turkish terrorists together before coming to the United States.

Her arrest was swift, and she was deported, placed on a permanent no-entry terror watchlist.

And so, the young woman’s attempt to take advantage of OP was foiled, and she was banned from ever entering the United States again.

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How Did Redditors Take The News?

The responses to this story were mixed. Many people sided with OP and were happy for him, but others smelled something fishy about the story. 

BioLust responded, “You should sponsor her best friend just to rub it in her face some more.” OP wrote back saying, “You know, we joked about it too. She said that if she wasn’t married, she’d do it just to spite her.”

Another Redditor protests, “Without even looking at the post history it’s pretty clear this is entirely bulls***.” 

DekaChin5 challenged OP saying, “This isn’t how US law works at all. You can’t just have a jilted lover say ‘my wife said they used to smuggle weapons’ and then the black helicopters come for her. There are things like probable cause, due process, etc. She would need to actually be convicted of a crime before removal proceedings based on that could begin.”

What do you think? Was OP being played by a Romanian con artist? Did she get what she deserved? Do you think he’s making this up?

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