Her Conservative Mom Says Women Should ALWAYS Wear Bras, but She’s Defying Her Orders

A young woman recently asked for opinions on Reddit after telling her father and brother they needed to wear bras when they visited her apartment. This is the full story.

She Moved Out on Her Own

The Original Poster (OP) is a 23-year-old woman who recently moved out of her parent’s house and into her own apartment.

By her own admission, OP says she has the smallest chest in her family. That includes her father and brother, who are both somewhat overweight.

During an unexpected visit from her parents and brother to her new pad, OP was lounging in her room. She wasn’t wearing a bra since she had no plans to leave the apartment.

An Unexpected Visit

When her family got there, they wanted to sit for a while, have some tea, and chat. OP was down with all that, so they gathered around the table and started talking. 

OP didn’t change her clothes, though, and thought the t-shirt and shorts she had on were just fine for a casual visit with her family.

Before long, OP noticed that her mother was looking her up and down. After a little while of this visual scrutiny, her mom told her to go change into something more decent.

OP knew where this was headed because her mom had always been uptight about staying covered up. She even wore a bra to sleep in.

Her Mom Told Her to Cover Up

OP reminded her mother that she had worn that exact same outfit when she lived with them, and it had only been a short time since she moved out. Nothing had changed, and she wasn’t going to change her clothes.

But her mom was not hearing it, and she told OP it was inappropriate to wear “so little” clothing with men in the house. OP pushed back again and said there was no reason she needed a bra when she was just lounging around with her family.

To that, her mother said that OP was no longer a child and couldn’t get away with “swinging around” without wearing a bra. OP’s dad backed up her mother, and even her brother said his parents were right.

She Couldn’t Get Away With “Swinging Around” Not Wearing a Bra

But OP was having none of it and said she was not going to change her clothes just to satisfy her mother during a surprise visit.

After a few more minutes of arguing back and forth, OP lost her patience with the whole situation. She lashed out, saying that if she had to wear a bra in her own home because of her chest, then her father and brother would also have to wear bras whenever they visited.

OP immediately felt guilty because she could see she had hurt her dad’s feelings. Her mom stormed out and hasn’t spoken to her since.

She Lashed Out and Offended Her Father and Brother

Eventually, OP followed up with her younger brother. He told her that he had supported their mom’s viewpoint mainly because she was already mad at him about something else, and he didn’t want to make that situation worse.

OP’s brother also told her that she had gone too far by insulting their dad. He thought she should have just put on a bra while they were there to keep their mother happy.

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP in the stand she took with her mother. They agree that she should be able to dress how she wants in her own house, especially in the face of a surprise visit.

Some commenters offered some even more radical responses, such as changing into a bra to satisfy her mom but then coming back out wearing nothing BUT the bra.

So, what do you think of this story? Was OP right for standing her ground with her mother and not putting on a bra or covering up in some way? And did OP go too far by suggesting that her dad and brother might need to wear bras since they have bigger chests than she does

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