She Denied a Lone Woman a Ride as She Feared for Her Own Safety – Did She Do the Wrong Thing?

In a recent viral Reddit post, a user found herself perplexed while coming off a walking trail. Fearing for her own safety, she refused to assist another woman.

A Woman Out of Nowhere

Anna is a 23-year-old avid hiker in Australia.

As she emerged from a bush after a long trail walk, she encountered a middle-aged woman, around 50 years old, walking in her direction.

The circumstances were unusual as the sun was setting, and the weather was turning ominous. Plus, the trail Anna had just traversed was not an easy one, and the woman did not appear particularly athletic.

These issues raised Anna’s doubts.

A Remote Spot

Things took a turn when the woman approached Anna, standing uncomfortably close, and immediately gestured toward the clearing where Anna’s car was parked.

Without any pleasantries, she inquired whether it was Anna’s car.

Anna glanced over and noticed something amiss—there were no other cars in sight. The location was not within walking distance of any city; it was one of those isolated highway rest stops designed for hikers with only a few parking spots.

Making Assumptions

It seemed improbable that the woman had arrived there without driving. Anna confirmed that it was her car, to which the woman responded straightforwardly, “Perfect, there’s a storm coming. I can’t be caught in it, and I need to get home.”

The woman appeared resolute, as if she had already decided what would happen.

Without waiting for Anna’s response, she began walking towards the car.

Anna was taken aback by it, but thankfully, Anna always locks her doors, as the woman would have entered the passenger seat without hesitation had the door been unlocked.

No Strangers

Concerned for the woman’s well-being, Anna followed her and attempted to explain why it might not be a good idea to hitch a ride.

She questioned why the woman was in that remote area in the first place. However, the woman seemed to not care about Anna’s words, and continued her walk towards the car.

Frustrated, Anna realized she needed to express her discomfort more directly.

She gathered the courage to say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t feel comfortable having a stranger in my car.”

In response, the woman glared at Anna and shortly, her anger went off, and she fell silent.

Deeply Unsettling

Anna found herself deeply unsettled by the situation. She attempted to offer alternative help, suggesting she could call someone or find another way to help.

The woman began walking again, this time towards Anna, but then passed by without acknowledging her.

Anna continued speaking to her, uttering phrases like “hello” and “excuse me,” but received no response.

The woman proceeded to the other end of the rest stop, maintaining unwavering eye contact with Anna as she sat down on a log, looking at nothing.

She Called for Help

Anna decided not to follow the woman, feeling a sense of unease. She quickly retreated to her car, surprised by the encounter, and drove away.

As soon as she regained phone reception, she contacted the fire and rescue services, explaining the situation. They assured her that help would be sent.

At that moment, Anna experienced fear for her own safety, but she questioned herself, wondering if she was in the wrong for refusing to provide the stranger with a ride or shelter.

The Right Thing to Do

She took to Reddit to ask whether she was in the wrong and more than three thousand comments came in saying that she was not wrong.

One Reddit user wrote, “In my country, women are sometimes the “bait” for traps like this; someone could have been hiding and waiting for you to open your car so they can steal it. Also you called services to pick her up. I think you went above and beyond.”

Another Redditor commented, “If you had driven off without calling fire rescue you would have been, but you did what you could to keep both of you safe.”

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