Trans Patient Identified as Male So the Doctor Refused Him a Pregnancy Test – And the Internet Was on His Side!

In a recent Reddit post, an experienced gynecologist shared her thoughts on having to deal with a trans patient for the first time. Here’s the full story.

An Unusual Patient

Throughout Anna’s 42-year career as a gynecologist, she has always prided herself on providing quality care to her patients.

However, recently, she encountered a situation that challenged her in ways she had never anticipated: treating a transgender patient.

When Anna first saw the name “Axel” on her patient list, she assumed it was a male patient seeking treatment for a possible infection or a similar issue.

As a gynecologist, her focus has primarily been on vaginal care for women.

However, this assumption proved to be incorrect.

Seeking Validation of Gender Identity

To Anna’s surprise, Axel identifies as a transgender man whose birth name is Andrea.

Anna is a strong Christian lady and she prides herself on her values and beliefs as both a woman and a Christian.

During their initial interaction, Andrea shared with Anna that he was a member of the LGBTQ+ community and emphasized the importance of using male pronouns and acknowledging his identity as a man.

He expressed frustration with the way society treated him and asserted that his gender identity was as valid as that of a cisgender man.

This discourse led to a heated discussion about the complexities of gender identity and societal acceptance.

Pregnancy Test Request

In the midst of this intense conversation, Andrea requested a pregnancy test.

Anna was taken aback by this request, as it seemed incongruous with her self-identified gender.

At that moment, Anna made a judgment call based on her personal beliefs and told her that a pregnancy test would be a waste of resources and time since she is a man, and she would treat her just like a man.

Anna expressed this viewpoint to her, assuming it would align with her understanding of her own gender.

Epidemic of Gender Ideology

However, the response triggered a shift in the dynamic of their conversation.

Andrea suddenly felt victimized, accusing Anna of denying her medical treatment.

However, Anna feels as though people can’t have everything. She thinks if a person wants to play God, then they have to accept the negatives of being each gender.

Now Anna is overthinking this situation and she had doubts She thinks it is due to her views on the new epidemic of gender ideology.

No Support

She took to Reddit to ask whether she was in the wrong in the above situation and several Redditors said that she was wrong.

One Reddit user wrote, “Whether or not you agree with your patients’ choices, they are still people who deserve empathy and medical care.”

Another Redditor commented, “You took an oath to do no harm. If you aren’t willing to provide medical treatment to someone based on your religious beliefs, then get out of practicing medicine and do something else.”

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