Her Best Friend’s Neighbor’s Dog Died, Now She’s Being Called Cruel for Not Calling to Check In

A woman took to Reddit to ask if she was in the wrong for calling out her best friend for not reaching out when she was suffering after her neighbor’s dog died.

An Old Friendship

The Original Poster (OP) and Jamie have known each other since high school and were really close friends back then. After a few years of drifting apart, they reconnected when they were 20. However, something happened in Jamie’s life when she was 22, and she disappeared for a while.

OP explained it was a dark time for Jamie, but “she was blessed with beautiful children during that time.” OP, on the other hand, moved away from their hometown years ago and now lives about 3000 kilometers away from Jamie.

Despite the distance, OP and Jamie have rekindled their friendship with a vengeance. For the past year, they have been communicating for at least 20 hours a week. OP has even sent her and her children gifts and money worth close to $3k in the past year.

They’ve Rekindled Their Friendship

They are very honest with each other, and OP’s income-to-expense ratio is much better than Jamie’s. Jamie struggles with her finances and sometimes doesn’t prioritize as well as she could, but OP is always there to help her out.

OP won a contest and scored some tickets to a festival in another city this summer. Jamie has never been on a proper vacation, girls’ weekend, festival, or road trip in her adult life. OP has saved enough to fly her there for two weeks and entertain them with a festival, camping, a sporting event, a city fair, and concerts. They have been planning this trip for six months, and they are both excited about it.

An Upcoming Trip

OP loves dogs and has two of her own. She would invite the neighbor’s dog over almost daily to play with her dogs. However, two weeks ago, the neighbor’s dog was over for a playdate, and for the first time ever, he jumped the fence.

Six minutes later, he got fatally injured from a collision with a moving van. It was a tragic incident, and OP was devastated. The dog was her dog’s best friend, and she loved him so much.

Jamie was working at the time of the incident, which was on a Saturday at around 2 pm. OP texted her what had happened, and Jamie asked if she could call her on her break. OP agreed. However, Jamie only called once at 1 am, and she didn’t leave a voicemail or send any texts.

She Wasn’t There When She Needed Her

The next day at 8 pm, she texted OP, asking how she was doing. OP was less than happy with Jamies’s nonchalance and called her out for not reaching out sooner, considering the circumstances.

Jamie explained that she fell asleep, but OP was not satisfied with that explanation. She told Jamie that she wanted to believe she was partying because that would be easier to work on, and she was almost more upset that Jamie was so relaxed over there while she couldn’t even breathe over here.

They tried to communicate throughout the week, but Jamie was defensive and began ignoring OP. She said she would reach out, but then she flaked again.

They Broke Off the Friendship

To make matters worse, Jamie blocked OP and essentially broke up with her. They are not friends anymore, and their summer plans are off. OP is in shock, and she can’t believe what has happened.

Now, OP is left wondering if she was the jerk for calling out her best friend for not reaching out when she was suffering the tragic loss of a dog in her life. She feels hurt and betrayed by Jamie’s actions, and she can’t help but wonder if she was wrong to expect more from her best friend.

Reddit reacted to this woman’s story, but the responses were not in her favor, with many people saying that OP was overreacting and expecting too much from her friend. They pointed out that Jamie had made an effort to console OP and that she was not responsible for managing OP’s feelings.

She Was Expecting Too Much

They told OP that she couldn’t force people to console her and that Jamie had made an effort to reach out. They also pointed out that Jamie was a low-income single mother with a drinking problem and possible history of significant trauma and that she couldn’t drop everything to console OP whenever she wanted.

They also argued that the death of a neighbor’s dog would not trigger the reaction that OP was hoping for from most people in the world! In short, they concluded that OP was the jerk in the situation.

But really, what did she expect? The situation is awful, but it wasn’t her dog that had passed; it was a neighbor’s dog. Blowing up on your best friend for not being emotionally involved enough when they have so much on their plate otherwise is bad form.

Hopefully, Jamie forgives this woman, as it seems like she loves her friend a lot – but she also needs to take account of her actions and apologize profusely.

What do you think? Who is in the wrong here?

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