She Did an Old Friend a Favor. But After She Used Her and Bad-Mouthed Her, She Was Happy to See the Back of Her After She Was Fired!

A poster took to Reddit to vent about an entitled colleague she used to work with.

She Offered Her a Ride

The Original Poster (OP), a 19-year-old female, had a job with a single mother of two, referred to as Kate. They had gone to school together and even had a few classes together.

When Kate’s car needed repairs, OP offered to give her a ride to work until she got her car fixed, but after a month of this, Kate started getting demanding.

OP had asked Kate if she could help with gas, but Kate said it wouldn’t be for a couple of weeks. Her kids would leave a mess in the backseat, and when OP asked if her car was ready, Kate would say it wasn’t yet.

She Wouldn’t Contribute to Gas

Around two months later, OP’s great-grandfather got sick and hospitalized. OP took two days off work to be with him, and Kate said she would get a ride from her parents – which is what OP thought Kate had been doing every time their shifts didn’t line up.

When she first started giving Kate lifts, she wanted to be on the same work schedule as OP. So when her supervisor asked her why, OP told him the situation. He told her to be careful and told her he wasn’t going to change Kate’s shift schedule.

OP can’t remember his reasoning, but clearly remembers him saying, “Just be careful.” Quite the ominous statement!

After her two weeks off, when OP came back to work, Kate wasn’t there.

Her Story Didn’t Add Up

A mutual friend told OP that Kate’s car had apparently been fixed, but OP thought that couldn’t be right. Kate was still asking for lifts, so it had to be her dad’s car, right?

Well, their mutual friend confirmed that it wasn’t her dad’s car, as OP had thought. OP asked his supervisor, who confirmed it was her car. The supervisor had warned OP about Kate before, but she hadn’t listened…

The next day, OP texted Kate to see if she needed a ride, and Kate said yes. OP asked her if she had fixed her car, and Kate said no. OP then told her she needed to figure it out because she couldn’t keep giving her rides anymore, especially since her great-grandfather was dying. OP gave Kate until the end of the week to figure things out.

She Started to Complain About Her

OP had a day off, and her friend texted her that Kate was whining about how OP would leave a stranded mother. The supervisor found out and told Kate to knock it off.

Later, Kate then confronted OP and said that she got her written up because she wasn’t going to give her rides anymore. However, the supervisor had gotten tired of Kate’s insulting OP and had taken action to make her stop.

After that, the supervisor moved OP and Kate to different schedules, so OP wouldn’t have to see her anymore. OP later found out that Kate got fired for trying to start things and trying to get another free ride from someone. Kate tried texting OP, saying that it was her fault, but OP blocked her.

She Blocked Her

The worst part was that OP and Kate had been friends since school. OP had trusted her, but she had used her for rides and treated her badly. Now, OP doesn’t give rides anymore, and she keeps her guard up because she doesn’t want to be used like that again.

It’s sad to think that someone who was once a friend could treat OP this way. It’s a reminder that not everyone has our best interests at heart, and we need to be careful who we trust. OP learned this lesson the hard way, but she won’t make the same mistake again.

As OP reflects on this experience, she realizes that it’s made her stronger. She’s learned to be more independent and not rely on others as much. She’s also learned to be more discerning about who she lets into her life. While it’s disappointing to lose a friend, it’s better than being taken advantage of.

A Lesson Learned

It’s important to set boundaries and communicate expectations clearly. OP was kind to help Kate out, but she took advantage of her kindness. It’s important to remember that it’s okay to say no and to take care of oneself first.

In the end, OP has moved on from this experience, but it’s left a lasting impact on her. She’s learned that trust needs to be earned, and not everyone deserves it.

She’s also learned that it’s important to stand up for herself and not let others take advantage of her. While Kate may have used her for rides, she’s also given OP a valuable lesson that she won’t forget.

What do you think of her tale? Kate’s behavior really took the biscuit!

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