She Stopped Paying Rent and Called the Police to Report Him for ‘Harassing’ Her in His OWN Home – Shocking!

Meet Evan, a laid-back guy who thought he had seen it all until he got stuck with his nightmare of a roommate named Kelly. Sharing an apartment with her turned out to be anything but a walk in the park! Let’s take a look at the situation.

Roommate Woes

Evan had been sharing a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment with a roommate who seemed to get triggered by the most insignificant things. Conflict was her bread and butter.

Despite Evan’s best efforts to avoid causing any trouble, it proved nearly impossible with his 38-year-old female roommate, who worked from home.

One of her peculiarities was claiming ownership over certain common areas, like the small outdoor patio, where she insisted she stored her stuff. And boy, did she have a lot of stuff!

So much so that she felt the need to clutter not only the living room but also the patio.

Germaphobe Domain

On top of that, she declared herself a germaphobe, forbidding Evan from touching anything without wiping it down, convinced that his hands were perpetually gross and sweaty.

Well, Evan figured he could tolerate it as long as she kept up with her rent.

But then things took a turn for the worse when she missed the rent. She had promised to pay him last week, but the due date had come and gone without a dime. 

Battle of Boundaries

The rent was actually due on June 1st, and Evan had made the mistake of trusting her word. He wasn’t only frustrated with himself but also with her.

Evan had already initiated the eviction process by submitting the necessary paperwork, but the notice gave her a two-week grace period.

Even after that, if she refused to vacate, Evan would have to obtain a court order, which could take several more weeks.

Confrontation Chronicles

Today, Evan decided to confront his roommate, Kelly, about the rent issue. He took a seat in the living room, waiting for her to return.

When Kelly arrived and spotted him near her precious belongings, she freaked out. In a rude tone, she called him out and demanded that he stay away from her stuff.

Unfazed, Evan asked her once again when she planned to pay him back. Ignoring his question, she brushed him off and retreated into her room.

Fifteen to twenty minutes later, she emerged, chatting away on her phone. Evan persisted, asking her about the rent once more, only to be ignored once again.

She walked past him to go outside onto the patio, shutting the sliding door behind her. Seizing the opportunity, Evan decided to follow suit and took to the patio once she had left the area, closing the door behind him.

Deadbeat Debacle

Twenty minutes went by, and to Evan’s surprise, Kelly hadn’t confronted him yet.

It was at this moment that he caught a glimpse of her on the phone through the sliding glass patio doors. He overheard her saying, “He’s sitting on the floor watching videos on his phone.”

Evan didn’t think much of it; she was probably venting to her friend about how triggered she was. Well, she should realize that he had every right to use this space too.

Patio Showdown

Then, out of nowhere, a female police officer opened the sliding door!

Evan was shocked since he knew he hadn’t broken any laws. He hadn’t harassed, raised his voice, insulted anyone, shown aggression, touched anyone, or made threats.

Nervously, he explained to the officer about the ongoing conflict with his roommate regarding the rent issue. He even showed her the email exchanges as evidence. The officer told Evan that if his roommate got triggered by him sitting on the patio, she should take a walk.

Secondly, she asked if Evan had initiated the legal process to evict her. He confirmed and presented the emails as proof. The officer advised him to stay put and headed back inside to have a conversation with Kelly.

Evan could hear his roommate’s loud voice, but he couldn’t make out the words. She was probably badmouthing him to the officer.

Unwanted Police Intervention

After ten minutes, the same cop returned and informed Evan that his roommate had been rambling about unrelated matters. Evan just nodded, not surprised by her behavior. The cop went back inside.

Another ten minutes passed, and the officer returned once more, explaining that they couldn’t intervene as this was a civil matter. She instructed Evan and his roommate to avoid each other and refrain from further communication.

With that, the officers left. Kelly went off to get her blood pressure checked by a paramedic, and when she finally returned to her room, she continued her lamentations.

Evan had one last message for his roommate: “Get lost, Kelly. I’ll be sitting in the common area next to your stuff!”

Evan’s experience with his difficult roommate, Kelly, serves as a valuable lesson about tolerance, communication, and the importance of setting boundaries. It’s a reminder that living harmoniously with others requires compromise, respect, and a willingness to address conflicts openly and honestly.

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