Her Difficult Guest Had a Strange Addiction to Towels, She Tried Everything to Get More Towels in Her Room

Sally often encountered difficult guests at the hotel where she worked, but this one had a very strange obsession.

A Nightmare Customer

Sally works for a small hotel as a night auditor. On this fateful day, she encountered a nightmare guest, Peaches. And right from the moment Peaches walked through the hotel doors, trouble was brewing!

First off, she had an issue with the construction workers who were simply relaxing by their trucks, minding their own business. They were a group of nice guys, not causing any disturbance whatsoever. But for some reason, it deeply disturbed Peaches. And as the night wore on, she took offense to the fact that these men were allowed to come and go freely instead of being confined to their rooms. Go figure.

She Wanted Four Sets of Towels

Now, keep in mind that this is a small hotel, and there happened to be a college sports team staying there that weekend. Each room had at least three grown men staying. So when Peaches demanded a whopping four full sets of towels, which adds up to a grand total of 16 bath towels, eight washcloths, eight hand towels, and four bathmats, on top of what was already in her room, she got a disappointing response.

The hotel staff explained that they had to share with other guests. Nevertheless, they did provide her with four towels and two extra washcloths, even though it was just her and her mother in the room. They hadn’t even set foot in the room yet! But Peaches wasn’t having any of it.

The following day, she repeated her demand, despite having her “Do Not Disturb” sign hanging outside her door. The hotel staff instructed her to leave the towels in the hallway for housekeeping to collect, and in return, she would receive two fresh full sets with no extras.

She Asked for More Towels

However, she didn’t comply with the instructions and failed to leave the towels outside the room. As a result, she didn’t get any more towels. Undeterred, Peaches tried her luck with the staff during the second shift, and unfortunately, the staff member who wasn’t aware of the situation gave her an extra set.

But the drama doesn’t end there. Early the next morning, around 6 a.m., Peaches descended upon the front desk, playing the role of the sweet and innocent guest. She asked for the names of all the employees.

Sally, the night auditor, obliged by providing the first names of her Front Office Manager (FOM) and the other employees. However, when Sally refused to divulge their last names, Peaches threw a tantrum. On top of that, she demanded two more extra sets of towels, completely ignoring the note on her door that clearly stated “no more towels” until she returned the ones she already had.

She Asked For More Towels, Then Through a Tantrum

Peaches started screaming, accusing everyone of lying and discrimination! She refused to bring the towels down herself, claiming it was the housekeeping’s responsibility. Sally tried to explain that her constant “Do Not Disturb” sign prevented housekeeping from doing their job. Peaches then demanded the corporate contact information and the General Manager’s name (GM). Sally provided both, but Peaches accused Sally of lying about the GM’s name because it happened to be similar to the FOM’s name. This back-and-forth continued for a good five minutes.

Trying to avoid further confrontation, Sally decided to call her FOM for guidance. The FOM authorized Peaches to have two towels and two washcloths. Sally returned to the front desk and placed the towels on the counter, only to find Peaches mysteriously absent. A few minutes later, Peaches stormed back into the lobby, yelling at Sally that the number she had given her was not corporate’s because the person who answered had an Indian accent.

Sally couldn’t help but wonder, who did Peaches expect to answer the phone, London Tipton herself? And then, to Sally’s surprise, Peaches pointed at the towels and asked, “What are those?” Seriously? They were her own towels! Sally calmly informed her of this fact. But Peaches wasn’t satisfied; she demanded a bathmat.

Now, a Bathmat!

Sally firmly told her that she wouldn’t receive a bathmat until she returned all the sets of towels, as instructed by management. Peaches insisted that Sally call her manager again, but Sally knew that her manager’s decision wouldn’t change. It was a collective decision made by everyone involved. These were the towels Peaches would have. And that’s when it happened.

In a fit of rage, Peaches picked up the towels and threw them at Sally. Unfazed, Sally reminded her that having a tantrum and throwing things at people was absolutely unacceptable. Sally’s exact words were, “So… what we’re not going to do is throw things at people.” Peaches denied anything, but Sally knew better – she had the evidence captured on two security cameras. Sally told Peaches to return to her room, and Peaches complied but not before loudly berating Sally, proclaiming to herself and anyone within earshot how terrible Sally was!

No More Towels!

Peaches left, and wouldn’t you believe it – she only returned two towels! And to top it off, Peaches left a scathing one-star review about her experience. Of course, she conveniently neglected to mention her own assault on the hotel staff.

Sally’s encounter with Peaches serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of treating others with respect and decency. Peaches’ entitled and disrespectful behavior not only soured her own experience but also impacted the hardworking hotel staff. It’s a reminder that no matter the frustrations or grievances one may have, resorting to aggression and mistreatment is never justified.

Instead, resolving conflicts through open communication and understanding can lead to more positive outcomes for everyone involved.

Have you ever had to deal with a person like Peaches? How did it go?

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