Her Fiancé Has a Secret Family Member, They Were Hiding Her Because of Her Disabilities. She Met up With Her and Invited Her to the Wedding

She tried to make things right when she found out her in-laws were harboring a family secret. They say she was out of line.

They’re Engaged to be Married

The Original Poster (OP), a 25-year-old woman is engaged to a 32-year-old man, and they have been dating for four years before getting engaged last year. 

Throughout their relationship, they have gotten along well with each other’s families and celebrated holidays together. When they announced their engagement, both of their families were happy for them.

OP recently discovered her fiancé has a younger sister named An, who is 15 years old. 

A Secret Sister

Despite frequently visiting her fiancé’s parents, she has never met An. During a family dinner, she asked about An, but was met with hostility from her fiancé’s family, who told her not to mention her and to forget about her. 

This intense response shocked OP, but she dropped the subject.

Later, OP talked to her fiancé about it, but he brushed it off, saying An chooses not to be part of the family. 

Something felt off, so OP tried to contact An to get to know her. They met in a cafe, and OP discovered An is a sweet girl who is mute. An can hear, but cannot talk. 

They Won’t Accept Her Disabilities

Her parents refuse to accept this and have excluded An from family events until she speaks.

OP sympathized with An and invited her to her wedding, hoping to show her that she deserves to be part of the family. 

When she told her fiancé’s family about the invitation, he became angry and demanded she revoke it. He claimed An did not deserve to be part of the family if she refused to talk to her.

OP’s fiancé sided with his family and asked her to apologize for her behavior. 

OP could not accept the mistreatment of An and worried about how her fiancé would treat their future children if they had a disability.

Some of her friends advised her to apologize and let it go to avoid damaging her relationship. 

OP could not ignore An’s mistreatment and believed standing up for what is right was important. 

She wondered if her fiancé’s family’s treatment of An was indicative of a larger problem in their family dynamic and whether she could continue to be part of it if it were.

What Redditors Thought

One concerned user said, “why aren’t you calling off this marriage after seeing how horrible your fiance and his family truly are? Imagine how they’ll treat your future children if they aren’t perfect?”

Another stated, “This is child abuse. You should call child protective services on the parents. An needs to get therapy and support for her disability.”

What do you think? Should she stay out of her fiancé’s family’s business? Is it important to stand up for what you believe in, no matter the consequences? 

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