Her Ex Doesn’t Support Her Son Being Trans So She Doesn’t Want to Invite Him to Their Graduation Ceremony

In a recent Reddit post, a single mother sought advice on whether she would be considered wrong for not inviting her son’s father to his upcoming graduation ceremony.

He Has an Absentee Father

The Original Poster’s Ex, her son’s father, has never really been involved in their son’s life.

He showed no concern for him as a child. He has never attended a single activity that OP’s son participated in at school or anywhere. Plus, he never brought his son to any doctors, even though the son spent two years living with his father.

OP mentioned that her ex and his wife had a second child, and they always complain about how awful she is, but they also spoil her so they don’t have to put up with her tantrums. Their daughter is now 12, but she continues to throw tantrums to get her way. They are always at work, and there is never anyone watching the kids.

Her Son Lives With Her

OP’s son requested to move back in with OP after spending two years living with his Dad because he felt his basic needs were not being met.

Naturally, OP was glad to have him home again. She pointed out that her son moved in with his Dad two years ago after pleading and fighting with her for more than a year.

OP only gave in because her doctor advised her to reduce her stress levels. After all, she was pregnant at the time, and it was a high-risk pregnancy.

He Thought Life With Dad Would Be Great, He Was Wrong

Her son had thought that moving in with his Dad would be terrific as his father doesn’t care about what the children do.

Now OP’s son no longer cares much for his father. He made an effort to be closer to his father while he was living with him, but his Dad was usually too exhausted or busy to pay him any attention.

They Don’t Accept He Is Trans

On top of everything else, OP said her son is Trans. And his stepmom and father don’t like to use his preferred name or pronouns. This also caused a lot of stress to OP’s son.

Things truly went off the rails when OP’s son recently visited his father’s place for a weekend.

When OP’s son moved back to her, he hadn’t brought all his things, and he kept some of his belongings at his father’s house.

Surprisingly, many of them have vanished, and it turned out that his sister was stealing them.

He got angry and yelled at his sister.

They Relationship Was Strained

Then, he called OP in tears after his stepmom yelled at him, placed the blame on him, and refused to bring him home when he wanted to go.

As a result of all these incidents, now OP is planning to not invite her son’s father to his graduation ceremony. She took to Reddit to ask whether she was wrong for doing this.

Several Redditors sided with OP and said that she did the right thing.

One Reddit user wrote, “If they can’t even bother to learn his preferred name and pronouns, then they clearly don’t deserve to be there.”

Another Redditor commented, “I do think it is your son’s decision. It is your job to support him, not your ex. I would make sure, I am sure, he knows but that he understands the long-term impact this will have. If he is still firm after that conversation, then that’s the decision.”

So what do you think? What would you do if you were in this situation?

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