She Lives in Fear of Her Abusive Roommate’s Retaliation After She Kicked Her Out

In a recent Reddit post, a young woman shared her experience of living with a difficult roommate and the resulting feelings of paranoia and discomfort. Here’s the full story.

An Increasingly Annoying Roommate

The Original Poster (OP) has been living with her roommate since April. Although at first, everything seemed okay, things took a turn when she began doing things that irritated OP.

For example, she has been frying fish without turning on the exhaust or opening the windows, leaving the bathroom sink filthy and full of hair. Plus, she had her boyfriend over, and they made as much noise as they could in the common areas and her room.

OP tried to talk to her regarding the issue, but shortly after, she went back to her old habits.

She’s Verbally Abusive

Also, a few weeks after she moved in, she began verbally abusing OP.

OP said her roommate was aware of her cat’s early yowling before she moved in, but she began slamming doors on him and doing things to provoke and hurt the cat. As a result, OP’s cat had to go to the pet sitter.

She Has to Go

She eventually had to inform tell her roommate that she had to leave. She asked her twice to leave, but after the second time, she started becoming too abusive verbally.

So a few days ago, OP wrote about her roommate’s refusal to move out and went to see a lawyer. After much effort and the involvement of a lawyer, she will finally be departing on June 1.

Since then, things became worse.

OP says that living in her own home has become oppressive, so she’s been avoiding her as much as she can.

She’s Making Things Unbearable

When OP’s cat cries in the morning, her roommate literally begins banging on her wall as they share a wall in their rooms.

OP mentions that the days feel long, and she’s afraid that even after her roommate leaves, she’ll do something bad to her.

Her roommate has recently taken to doing things like turning off OP’s lamp in the living room at night and, for some reason, loosening the lamp’s internal bulb.

Plus, she keeps on staring at OP while she’s in the kitchen. Now OP is feeling uneasy in her own home because of all these things.

Is She Being Paranoid?

OP took to Reddit to ask whether she was just being paranoid or whether it is something she needs to think seriously about.

Several Redditors showed their support for OP and said that she’s not being paranoid and she should take steps to avoid any further problems.

One Reddit user wrote, “You aren’t being paranoid. Mine did a ton of damage, stole quite a few things I had purchased, etc, when I finally got her out. Anything you care about or that is valuable, you need to move it temporarily, storage or a friend.”

Another Redditor commented, “I would give the landlord a heads up of her current behavior and consider taking pictures of the common area before she leaves. Also, secure your valuables.”

So what do you think? What would you do if you were in OP’s situation?

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