Black Student Shared Her 14-Year-Old School Friend’s Racist Video and Now He Is Facing Court Charges – Did It Go Too Far?

In a Reddit post, a user shared a distressing experience of racial discrimination and sought advice on the consequences of exposing it publicly. Here’s what happened.

A Challenging Time

Maya aged 14 recounted the challenges she faced as a minority black student in a predominantly white school.

There have been many incidents at Maya’s school about racist comments, but the school doesn’t really do anything about it.

Maya has a lot of friends of all types of races such as black, white, Muslim, Asian, and more.

The story began when Maya was involved in volleyball, where she formed friendships with two white girls, Lily and Emily.

Shocking Snapchat Video

Maya and her friends got along very well and everything seemed fine.

However, months later, after volleyball practice, Maya got a Snapchat video from Lily.

The Snapchat video revealed Lily’s boyfriend, Jerry, using a racial slur towards Maya.

Maya, shocked by the racist remark, believed it was out of character for Lily, as their friendship had been amicable.

She immediately saved the video and shared it to expose the offensive behavior, hoping for some resolution.

Consequences of the Video

The video quickly spread, leading to people sharing it with Jerry’s sports team coach and giving Jerry and Lily disapproving looks.

Although Maya was absent from school the other day, she informed her parents about the incident, and they attended a board meeting that night to address the matter.

During the board meeting, Maya received a text from Emily accusing her of being a bad person for exposing the incident.

This text exchange escalated, and Emily posted on her story, attempting to position herself as a victim in the situation.

Maya’s parents decided to involve the school authorities, resulting in a meeting with Jerry, his parents, the superintendent, and the principal.

Jerry expressed remorse during the meeting but appeared insincere to Maya.

Inherited Racism

The superintendent offered to implement measures to address bullying and racism, which Maya found questionable.

One particular comment from Jerry’s mother stood out to Maya, suggesting that racism might have been taught within their household.

Jerry’s mother yelled at him and said, “Do you not remember that documentary that we’ve watched about that one black football player.”

Maya was shocked to hear that but others didn’t say anything about it.

Legal Action Continues

The principal raised the dilemma of whether to impose a suspension on Jerry for an incident that occurred outside of school or involve the police.

Ultimately, Maya and her parents chose to involve the police, seeking legal recourse.

Months later, Maya received a letter notifying her about a hearing, even though she had already provided her statement multiple times.

Feeling uncomfortable attending the hearing, as her statement was already known, Maya’s mother decided not to go.

The situation was complicated by the fact that Jerry’s father had a role in the county police department.

Maya now found herself in a state of anticipation, uncertain about the next steps to take.

Additionally, with her upcoming participation in volleyball, she worries about potential backlash from her teammates due to the incident.

Actions Have Consequences

Maya took to Reddit to ask for thoughts and whether she was wrong in the incident.

Redditors sided with Maya saying that she was not wrong.

One Reddit user wrote, “I’m sorry this happened to you but I’m all for exposing these kinds of people and hopefully teaching them a lesson that actions have consequences, high school sucks.”

Another Redditor commented, “One way or another, at the age of 14 you acted quite boldly, defending yourself and not being afraid to ruin your relationship with your friends and with your environment in general. I hope your parents will help you get through this.”

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