She Found Out Her Parent’s Big Secret, and Why They Had to Move Away. They Were Brother and Sister!

It isn’t every day that a child finds out their parents are not who they say they are, especially when they have lived with them for years. And this secret is jaw-dropping!

The Truth About Her Parent’s Relationship

Although her parents are still related to her, they have not been telling the truth about their relationship while bringing her up until she found out herself.

TikToker Ester @estertaniaj shares someone else’s story in this video about how a girl found out her parents were, in fact, related, and they were not who they said they were. 

Born Out of Incest

This girl discovers that she was born “out of incest”. She already knew that not long after she was born, her grandmother begged her mother to give her up for adoption. Maybe the mother was not fit and well to bring a child into the world. Not being a good role model gives a parent every reason to help their child find a better home with more caring and giving parents. 

Both of her parents were 18 when they had her. Being still young and immature, it seems that giving a child to a mature home is the best option. Yet, they decided against this and kept her. 

The parents were not only homeless and jobless, but they were half-brother and half-sister. 

They Are Half-Brother and Half-Sister

Her parents decided to run away from home and live a dangerous lifestyle. Hence, the grandmother did not want to help them financially. Luckily, her parents started their own business and are still successful in this venture today.

For this girl, finding out her parents were related made her understand her family’s history. It makes sense why she and her parents were never close to the rest of the family. 

Being related and having a child is frowned upon and not accepted by many people. 

First, They Denied It

The girl decided to confront her parents when she found out about the news. However, they denied everything. She decided she would likely do the same and lie if she was in the same position due to feeling ashamed. 

After they denied the truth, the girl ran away for 3 nights and hid from everyone and everything in her best friend’s basement. 

Then They Told Her Everything

After she was missing for this time, her parents felt guilty and decided to go out and find her. They knew where to look, and after finding her, they sat her down and told her everything. They told her the truth about their relationship and made her aware of her upbringing. 

They still keep her away from her family, even though they love her, which she finds difficult. It isn’t her fault she is a child from an incest relationship.

This video was made to raise awareness and let people know they can ask for help. She asks whether she should forgive the parents. 

What would you do in this situation? Although it is frowned upon and challenging societal expectations, would you still wish to pursue a relationship with the lying and incest parents you have grown up with?

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