She Got Over Her Abusive Ex Who Used Her for Years and Made Sure He Would Have to Pay for What He Had Done – Literally!

This slice of a toxic relationship turned revenge comes to us from Reddit. It’s a doozy – hopefully, this guy is paying for it!

A Relationship With Serious Issues

Meet the original poster (OP), a girl who had been in a long-term relationship with a guy who had some severe issues, to say the least. 

He had been in constant teenage angst, even as an adult, and had terrible coping mechanisms. She provides a list of issues she faced while they were together, and while some of them are minor, the last point is the most important one – money.

OP’s family had decent money, so her ex-partner refused to let her get a job, which she was okay with at the time. He would jump at the chance to ‘share’ her profits from making jewelry.

He Tried to Isolate Her

In the final year of their relationship, things took a turn for the worse as the sexual situations became non-consensual, and he gaslit and manipulated OP into cutting contact with all of her friends, only allowing her to leave the house for 90 minutes at a time. She had to answer his texts within 30 minutes; otherwise, she was obviously cheating.

Her partner consistently got angry about his barely-above-minimum-wage laborer job but would become furious at the suggestion of furthering his education or skills. 

He would also frequently drive angrily with her in the front seat of a car without insurance, no working passenger seatbelt, or airbag.

He drank a large bottle of Jack Daniels every week and ruined a fancy wood dining table she had inherited from her late grandma. He maxed out all his credit cards, savings, cash, and line of credit, even OP’s credit card, on alcohol, cigarettes, gas, truck parts, tires, tools, drugs, and more.

Meanwhile, OP only received a birthday card once and Christmas gifts three times over their ten years!

He Spent More Than He Had

As you might expect, he started getting phone calls from the banks and from collection agencies. His answer to this? An outright block of the number. Problem solved(!) 

Any letters in the mail he would take outside and burn. He never told OP just how much financial difficulty he was in, but she knew it was a lot.

 OP finally got wise, ended the relationship, and kicked him out, but that wasn’t without its own drama. On his way out, he tried to take the washer and dryer that she had paid for! 

She Kicked Him to the Curb

He moved back in with his parents, and as far as the OP can tell, he still lives with them. Even now, five years later, she occasionally receives mail addressed to him because he still hasn’t changed all his addresses.

One day, OP received a letter in the mail that got her attention. She saw a few words that caught her eye: “Collections,” “lawyers,” “owing,” and a bank’s name. She thought, “Uh oh, what happened? What do I owe?” 

But after rereading the letter, she realized it was for her ex. He owed an obscene amount of money, and the lawyers that represented the bank and collections were asking him to pay it back.

Several scenarios went through her head about what to do with the letter, like shredding it, driving by his parent’s house and throwing it out the window, glitter bombing it and leaving it on his truck in his parents’ driveway, or returning it to the sender. 

OP knew she couldn’t return an open letter to the sender, and she didn’t want to get into any kind of trouble since opening someone else’s mail was against the law.

She Tipped Them Off

She decided to reach out to the law firm that sent the letter. She found their “contact us” page and sent them an email explaining that she received the document and that it wasn’t hers. 

She apologized for opening it and stated that he doesn’t live there anymore and that she was planning on shredding it. They responded and gave her permission to shred it, and they said they wouldn’t send any more mail for him at that address.

But OP was feeling extra helpful and wanted to assist in any way she could. She didn’t want to slow down the legal process any more than necessary, so she provided them with his last known address – his parents’ house – in case they needed it.

She wasn’t entirely sure if he was still living there, but she knew his parents were, and she offered the address.

What a good citizen! She hopes her ex learns one key thing from this situation – “don’t spend money you don’t have!!!”

Reddit users loved her tale. One said, “Beautifully done. Also glad to add that you are no longer in this situation. You, my dear, deserve so much better than this”

What do you think about her revenge? It might be small, but it sent a message to her ex. Hopefully, he wises up soon!

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