Their Relationship Was Far From Faithful, on Both Sides. But They’re Still Trying to Make It Work, Is It All in Vain?

Relationship therapy is a means to make amends, but how do you know when these efforts are futile and the relationship is perhaps past saving? When both sides of the partnership have many affairs during a 19-year relationship, don’t you think they should move on?

A Tumultuous Relationship

Jessie’s TikTok (@ellerbetings) shares many relationship stories exposing couples having affairs and not respecting one another. Yet, to hear that a couple is still together after the man cheated, which led to the woman having two affairs, is astonishing. 

This loved story is as twisted as they come. And even though the couple wishes to make amends, neither of them is willing to let things go.

Molly and Josh have been together for 19 years. Their relationship issues started many years ago when Josh was first unfaithful. During the video, when Josh gets a chance to talk between Molly’s argumentative rambles, he shares that they moved on from this difficult time a long time ago.

Agreeing to Work on Things

Since the first affair, which was Josh’s fault, they had agreed to work on the relationship and do what they could to get through it. They agreed to put in equal amounts of work to get back the love they had. 

Yet, Molly couldn’t seem to let go of it and forget. She might have told Josh many years ago that everything would be fine between the two of them, but it seems that the issue drove her into an affair of her own. 

Molly’s downfall, which involves a 5-year relationship with a man and a 1-year relationship with a woman, seems to have been down to Josh not “putting in the work” that he said he will. Josh even suggests that if he had put in more work, Molly wouldn’t have had affairs. Yet, Molly states that isn’t why she did what she did. 

An Eye for an Eye

Molly had asked Josh to be more present and speak more openly about his feelings for years. However, she doesn’t feel that he did this. And that’s why she says the relationship has been breaking down and it led to numerous toxic instances as well as needing therapy. 

Throughout the video, it is evident that toxic relationships require therapy, or at least someone in the middle, to calm things down. Although no shouting occurs, the emotions and mood are tense and Josh doesn’t get to say much about how he feels.

After Josh admits he feels like Molly is interrogating him, Molly’s voice raises and she gets more upset. He shares that he feels they have been working on things, speaking more openly, and getting to a better place. Yet, Molly’s emotions prove she doesn’t feel the same way. 

There’s Tension in the Air

Molly doesn’t agree that things have been going well, which is why they have ended up needing therapy to share their story and get help. It might seem pointless to speak to a therapist if they need to break up. However, it can be a good idea so that both sides of the story can be told. 

For Josh, this is the first time he has been able to speak up for himself and how he feels. Yes, he says that they have been sharing more. But, it seems this might be the first time he is sharing how he truly feels.

After all that he says and how calm he is, Molly still thinks he has an attitude and doesn’t care. Maybe it is Molly that is truly guilty and not willing to help improve the relationship. If things can work, both of them need to be level-headed and willing to leave things behind to move forward. Yet, how can they be when they are on different pages?

What are your thoughts on this relationship drama? Do you think it is possible to make amends after multiple affairs between two partners? Is it best for them to start new lives?

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