She Met a Creepy Guy Online and Learned a Valuable Lesson About Sharing Personal Information the Hard Way

Who doesn’t like online dating, right? But what happens when the person you meet online shows up at your workplace? Here’s the full story.

Online Dating Woes

About nine years ago, the Original Poster (OP) was using an adult dating website. She wanted to have some fun, so she started to chat with several guys and hit it off with this one person in particular.

Things took a turn when she blew it and revealed more information than she ought to have.

The man questioned what she did for a living, and OP informed him that she was working at a McDonald’s at the time. Then he asked which one, and OP stupidly revealed the one she works in.

She Overshared

Later they had more brief conversations, but they did not last long. In one of those chats, OP made the mistake of giving him her phone number.

As a result, he called OP, although she never answered. He later sent a message asking to meet her so they could have some fun. But OP replied with a firm no.

Things took a turn when shortly before her scheduled clock-out time, OP checked her messages and was shocked to discover that the guy was claiming to be at her workplace.

He Was Waiting for Her to Finish Work

He even specified the exact meal he ordered, leaving her feeling a mix of fear, discomfort, and confusion. She promptly sent him she didn’t want to meet him, but he became irritated. OP was also afraid since she had sent him a photo of her face.

Fortunately, OP hadn’t disclosed her work schedule to him, so he was unaware that she was going to leave for the day. So after clocking off, OP informed one of her managers that she was using a dating website, and the man had just arrived at their workplace. She said that she planned to spend some time in the break room in the back.

Fortunately, her manager didn’t criticize her and simply said, “Ok.”

She Hid and Waited It Out

OP waited for around 30 minutes before leaving. OP had to walk home because she didn’t have a car at the time, and she was worried he would see her and try to pick her up in his car.

Fortunately, nobody came after her. The guy didn’t message her again, and she blocked his number.

OP says now, when people ask where she works, she just offers a general answer.

OP said that she became more conscious of the information she shared with strangers as a result. She took to Reddit to share her experience, and several Redditors shared their thoughts on the situation.

One Reddit user commented, “It doesn’t matter where you met him and that you slipped up. He went out of his way to be a creep and show up uninvited. I mean, seriously, he just shows up at your work and expects something to happen? Yikes. It was very scary; you were flying blind and had to walk home! If that isn’t very creepy, what is.”

Another Redditor wrote, “I’m really glad you ended up safe, OP. That’s really violating and scary, even if you did tell him where you worked. You made it clear you didn’t want him there, and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. I think we’ve all made potentially fatal slip-ups when we were young. For instance, I once met up with a photographer I’d never met in a sparsely-populated section of a park that has a bunch of murders associated with it.”

So what are your thoughts? Have you experienced any similar situations?

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