She Lied to Him For Years So He Would Continue to Pay For Their Daughter’s Tuition

A recent Am I The A**hole (AITA) post on Reddit saw a woman asking if she was wrong for deceiving her husband so that he would pay for their daughter’s education.

The woman explained that she had been married to her husband for 27 years, and they had a 27-year-old son and a 22-year-old daughter.

They were not rich but well off and had planned for their son to attend university abroad in a western country since he was a child. 

The woman says this is expensive due to high international tuition fees, but it went as planned for her son.

However, everything changed for the woman when she got a laptop and phone with the internet. 

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She only has a high school education, but she used the internet to learn new things from MIT courseware and YouTube and wanted her daughter to be an educated woman like her son.

During this time, the woman stopped believing in her religion, while her husband remained devout. 

She pretended to be religious and followed their customs for the sake of their marriage.

The plan for her daughter had always been to find a boy from a good family for her to marry. 

They had never planned for her daughter to go to university, but if she wanted to after getting married, she could go to a local one.

The woman convinced her husband that nowadays, boys from good families want an educated woman as a status symbol. 

She told her husband that if their daughter had a western degree, she could marry into an elite family. 

This worked, and her husband paid for their daughter to attend a top western university that is actually better than their sons.

After leaving, the woman’s daughter confided to her that she didn’t believe in their religion anymore. 

The daughter said she had started living a different lifestyle. 

The daughter recently graduated, got a work visa and a good job, and had no plans on returning home. 

When the woman’s husband found out, he was furious. She said he feels cheated and blames her, as she persuaded him to pay for their daughter’s education. 

The husband had found a photo of their daughter online at a university competition where she had won a prize. 

She was not wearing her religious head covering.

The woman concludes by saying “I am feeling a little guilty since it is his money that let her go to university and now we may not get to see her again. AITA?”

Shadow-foxe gave the top-voted response, with a huge 18,400 upvotes. They said the woman was Not The A**hole (NTA) as “there is nothing close to AH for any mother who wants their daughter to have a better life! Allowing her to make her own life choices is awesome!”

Mammoth-Tax-935 agreed, saying, “NTA – Mother to mother, I am so proud of you. You found a way to protect your daughter and give her the life you could never have. You secured her future.”

The woman responded to this comment, stating, “This is a long term dream, but my daughter said that if she gets citizenship she can someday, sponsor a visa for me to immigrate and stay with her if the rules do not change in many years and if she has the money for it.”

Reddit users were on the side of this mother, but what do you think? 

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