She Publicly Told Her Friend That Her Extreme Astrological Beliefs Were Over the Top. She Shouldn’t Base All Decisions on the Stars

It can sometimes be challenging to accept and respect different beliefs and opinions, especially when they affect others negatively. That’s what happened to this woman who asked Reddit if she was wrong for calling out her friend’s beliefs in front of everyone. Here’s the full story.

A New Friend

The Original Poster (OP) shared that a new friend named Danica joined their group. She works with another friend of OP’s, but they all get along just fine.

OP said that the entire friend group is gay, and one aspect of queer people in their early to mid-20s that people might find shocking is how much they value astrology.

OP grew up in a very Christian home, but she became an atheist later on.

OP says she’s not interested in finding ways to criticize people based on their faith or beliefs.

She Doesn’t Buy Into Astrology

OP doesn’t participate when the group asks her big three signs or sends astrological memes since OP doesn’t even feel comfortable doing it “for fun.”

The friend group knows OP’s birth sign as they know her birthday, so she has no control over that and she does not care when they send her memes based on her birth sign.

Plus, OP says she does not participate when the topic of astrology comes up in the group chat and she waits to chat until the topic dies out.

However, her new friend Danica truly believes in it, and she is quite defensive about it, unlike everyone else who just does it for fun or as a joke.

The New Friend Is Passionate About Her Beliefs

Things became worse when Danica started to criticize OP’s dating matches based on their star signs, to the point that OP stopped sharing screenshots of their profiles.

OP is now going through some really difficult late-bloomer dating.

OP asked Danica to stop making such comments as it makes her feel very uncomfortable.

As a result, she significantly reduced her astrology-related comments toward OP, but she has continued to sneak in some questionable remarks about OP’s dating matches.

She Bases her Life Choices on Astrology

Things took a turn when she was chatting in the group chat about looking for a new roommate and how she turned someone down who was excellent but had the “wrong” sign, and OP just couldn’t hold it in anymore.

OP sent a message to the group to her saying that it was absolutely terrible of her to reject someone based on a star sign and that she was taking astrology way too far.

But Danica was being very arrogant about how she deserved to feel comfortable in her home and set boundaries for who gets to be a major part of her life.

She Told Her She Was Going Too Far

Danica was really upset by OP’s comment and she replied, “Oh, I didn’t realize we were now judging people for their beliefs?”

OP responded, “Well, your beliefs suck. People should not be treated differently according to their horoscope; it is unethical and beyond their control. As a reply, Danica went on to say, “There’s actually way more to it than that.”

The situation escalated, and there was drama in the group, with friends taking sides.

However, the majority said that OP should have stayed in her lane because Danica’s actions were not directed toward her and that OP should apologize.

She Won’t Apologize

But OP was not willing to apologize and would be happy if she never talked to Danica again.

OP asked Reddit whether she was wrong for what she did. Hundreds of comments poured in saying that OP was not wrong.

One Reddit comment which got hundreds of upvotes supported OP and the comment read, “So, because of her beliefs – she can judge anyone just based on their birthday? I don’t know, sounds like someone who judges people based on something silly that can’t be controlled by the other person like skin color or sexual orientation”

Another Redditor pointed out that OP’s friend is using her superstitions to judge people and reject them for housing, and it’s genuinely terrible.

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