She Publicly Called Out the Class Bully, but She’s the One That Needs to Apologize!

A college student recently asked Redditors for their opinions after she embarrassed a class bully during a group presentation. This is her complete story.

A College Student

The Original Poster (OP) is a 20-year-old woman attending college. One of her classes involved group presentations and discussions, which was a fairly new situation for her.

Recently, OP  completed a group presentation as part of an end-of-year assignment. Overall, the presentation went well, except for an encounter with another student in the class, a 21-year-old man.

This guy had already developed a reputation for asking irrelevant questions and generally making himself a pain. OP described him as the “well, actually” guy who would play devil’s advocate even when there was no call for it.

OP said that her classmate had developed a reputation as something of a silly verbal bully.

The Bully’s Verbal Attack

After OP’s presentation, the bully said he had several questions, then launched into them. OP braced herself because she knew it wouldn’t be a fun experience.

Part of OP’s presentation focused on a trend that emerged in 2020, where grown men would make fun of teen girls on TikTok. This prompted her classmate to ask why she didn’t think the girls deserved criticism for posting silly content online in the first place.

It was an irrelevant question that left the room tense, and OP observed many other students rolling their eyes. Even the guy’s own friend gave him a subtle “shut up” nudge.

Frustrated by the bully’s off-the-wall questions and the fact that they were mostly directed at her rather than the other members of the group, OP decided to confront him. 

She Shut Him Down

OP told him she wasn’t going to answer any more questions from him. She told him that he was grasping at straws and admitted that she didn’t try very hard to hide her annoyance.

That shut the guy up for the moment, and OP and her group went on to field more input from the class. The rest of the questions from their peers were substantive and relevant, contributing to a more productive discussion. Despite the hiccup with the bully, the presentation was generally successful.

As the class was letting out, though, the heckler approached the professor and complained about the incident. As a result, the professor sent OP an email requesting a virtual meeting to address the situation.

A Virtual Meeting and an Apology

As an added surprise for OP, the professor also urged her to apologize for embarrassing the guy and not fostering a safe space for her peers.

OP wanted to put the matter behind her, so she attempted to resolve the issue privately before the meeting. She messaged her tormentor and told him she didn’t mean to be short but found his questions pointless. 

In response, the classmate escalated the situation, calling OP a derogatory term and blocking her.

OP is still pretty upset about the incident and wonders if maybe she overreacted. She admits that she was suffering from a bit of stage fright since she doesn’t often speak in front of crowds of any size.

But OP also wonders if there is a gender dynamic at play since her fellow presenters, the heckler, and the professor are all men.

The Heckler Needed to Be Shut Down

Reddit comments on this story fall heavily in favor of OP. They think she was right for trying to shut down the heckler, and many think she was pretty gentle about it.

Several Redditors point to the gender dynamic, with some asserting that it would have been a non-issue if a man had said the same thing to the guy asking questions.

Some commenters recommend that OP push the matter further and report the bully for calling her a derogatory name.

So, what do you think of this story? Was OP right for trying to shut her critic up when he started asking irrelevant questions? Should she have been even more forceful? Or was there a better way for her to handle the situation?

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