She Refused To Give Her Estranged Dad’s New Wife Inheritance Money That Her Grandparents Had Left Her, Was She Being an A**hole?

A recent poster on the Am I The A**hole (AITA) subreddit wanted to find out if she’d been the a**hole for refusing to give any of her grandparent’s inheritance to her father’s wife.

She is a 27-year-old woman. This summer, just gone, her dad married a 29-year-old woman. She has no relationship with this woman and does her best to avoid any family events she knows she’s attending.

Her dad didn’t have a great relationship with his parents, but she was always close to them.

Because of this, her grandparents told her she would receive most of their inheritance and holiday home.

Two years ago, her grandfather sadly passed away from a heart attack. She worked hard, graduated from college, and devoted herself to caring for her grandmother.

In May of last year, her grandmother passed away from cancer.

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Since her grandparents passed on, this woman has kept their holiday home precisely the same as they left it, and she is living there with her girlfriend.

She spent some of her inheritance on her student loans and debt but still has money in the bank.

She’s been thinking of spending it on her girlfriend and taking her on a trip to visit her family. Her girlfriend’s from Australia but hasn’t been home to visit her family since she moved to America.

Her dad, meanwhile, spent all of his inheritance money on clothes and holidays for his new wife. Last month they announced they were pregnant.

As her dad works and his new wife doesn’t, they are struggling to afford the baby’s necessities. They told everyone they were having money issues when they announced the pregnancy.

That’s why the girl wasn’t surprised when, seemingly out of the blue, her father reached out to her regarding the inheritance.

He asked if she would give some money to his new wife, as she needed money to purchase baby clothes and other bits.

She responded by telling him flatly that “the money I received was mine,” and she had no interest in giving his new wife anything.

She’s asked her mother about it, and her mother completely supports her decision in this, but her father hasn’t spoken to her since reaching out. On top of that, his wife has started spreading lies about her to different parts of the family.

This woman wants to know if she was in the wrong for not offering up her inheritance money to her dad’s new wife to buy baby clothes.

The consensus on Reddit was that the woman was NTA (not the a**hole). The top-rated comment had over 5000 upvotes and was written by Aunty_Fascist. They said, “NTA. Your dad’s younger woman isn’t entitled to squat from your inheritance.”

Beneficial-Way-8742 agreed, exclaiming, “Exactly! NTA. It’s their baby, not yours, and they need to learn how to support that baby.

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Stand your ground, or they will most likely nickel and dime you till your inheritance is all gone.”

Organic_Start_420 echoed their sentiment, replying, “I would add if they can’t afford necessities now what are they gonna do later?!ask you to support them and their child?! NTA”

Scarabnecklace20’s comment had over 1500 upvotes. They said, “NTA and ur dad is super weird for marrying someone like the same age as you and your gf.”

They went on to add, “They’re grown adults they should be able to plan for a baby if they want one and it was your grandparents decision to give the money to you; enjoy it! Go scuba diving in Australia, take ur gf to meet her family, do whatever you freaking want with it it sounds like you’ve earned it!”

What do you think about this story? Do you think she should have handed over her inheritance money to her dad’s new wife?

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