Her MIL Gave a Speech on Her Wedding Day, Despite Being Asked Not To. So She Refused to Listen to It

Speeches are a common part of many weddings. It’s a chance for family members and friends to express their love and well wishes for the newlyweds. But not everyone appreciates or enjoys speeches. Recently, this recent bride took to Reddit to ask if she was wrong for refusing to listen to her mother-in-law’s speech.

She Doesn’t Like Speeches

The Original Poster (OP) is a person who hates speeches. She says she never understood why speeches were so important, and she always found them to be tedious, draining, and extremely forced.

She knows that this is simply her viewpoint and has never imposed this idea upon anyone. Like any decent person, she has endured lengthy, critical speeches without grumbling.

But when it came time for her marriage, she specifically asked for no speeches.

No Speeches, Please!

OP and her husband made it clear in their invitation letter that they loved everyone and knew they felt the same way about them. They specifically asked if anyone had anything to say. They can contact them privately.

Although her husband was aware of how OP felt about speeches, he found speeches amusing.

So the story began during the weekend-long wedding, where only close friends and family were invited.

OP’s husband enjoys playing video games, so the wedding planner created some fantastic “taskmaster” activities that everyone enjoyed.

MIL Gave a Speech

After dinner, OP’s mother-in-law stepped up and said, “I know speeches by the bride are not permitted, but this is my only son getting married, so I will say what I want to….”

Since OP was tired of the “taskmaster” activities, she got irritated, got up, and went to talk with her friends. The bridesmaids and OP’s sisters both expressed shock.

OP pretended that her mother-in-law wasn’t there and carried on talking to her friends.

She Refused to Listen

OP’s mother-in-law, as well as her sisters-in-law, became furious at OP’s refusal to acknowledge the speech. Even her husband displayed his anger and disappointment, resulting in an awkward and tense atmosphere for the remainder of the evening. 

OP, determined not to let the incident ruin the celebration, focused on enjoying the company of her family and friends, despite the strained relations with her husband’s side of the family.

The next day, OP’s husband told her that what she did was extremely bad.

Her husband believes that OP was in the wrong for disrespecting and humiliating his mother. He argued that OP should have expected MIL’s speech and handled the situation differently. From the husband’s perspective, this incident tainted the beginning of their marriage.

Did She Disrespect and Humiliate His Mother?

OP took to Reddit to ask if she was in the wrong, and thousands of comments came in supporting OP.

One Reddit user wrote, “Well, that’s unfortunate that the day you got married, you found out your husband’s always going to pick his mom over you. Such disrespect from MIL.”

Another Redditor said that everyone was in the wrong here and commented, “She did the ONE thing you told her not to do, but… it’s not all about you. Your husband has a family of people as well, and you were rude to them. But then again, she was also rude to you while acknowledging that she was blatantly ignoring your wishes. Yeah, everyone sucks here, MIL is entitled (I’ll do what I want”) and sucks a heck of a lot more, but everyone sucks”

A third Reddit user said, “Your husband has no backbone; worse, he didn’t back you up. You have every right to have your wishes respected. Then your MIL dared to call you out. You’re going to have a heck of a time setting boundaries with that one.”

So what is your opinion? Do you think OP was in the wrong here?

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