Woman Won’t Pay for Gender Reveal Cupcakes and a Dog Is to Blame – Wait Until You Hear What Happened!

A mother-to-be feels guilty after she refused to pay for her gender-reveal cupcakes which were ruined by the owner’s dog. She asks Reddit for help.

A Baby on the Way

Emma recently received the exciting news that she would be welcoming a precious baby girl into the world. 

Emma decided to organize a small gathering over the Easter weekend to share the gender reveal with her loved ones.

But little did she know that her plans would take an unexpected turn for the worse.

Preparing the Special Event

In preparation for the event, Emma reached out to a local business and made a request for 12 cupcakes with pink and blue icing on top. 

Excitement grew as Emma eagerly awaited the cupcakes, set to be the centrepiece of her gender reveal. 

What should have been a sweet and joyful occasion quickly transformed into a nightmare.

The Day Turns to a Nightmare

The day of the gender reveal arrived, and Emma was scheduled to pick up the cupcakes from the business owner, Claire. 

As Emma arrived at Claire’s doorstep, she was met with a heart-stopping scene.

Claire handed over the box of cupcakes, and just as Emma received them, Claire’s large pet dog charged towards her, barking with excitement. 

The box slipped from Emma’s grasp, and the cupcakes fell onto the floor, their decorations instantly ruined.


An apologetic Claire rushed to Emma’s side, expressing her apology expressing that the dog meant no harm. 

The damage was already done, leaving Emma devastated.

The situation took a further downward spiral when Claire offered to remake the cupcakes free of charge.

Unfortunately, the earliest she could have them ready was on Sunday, a day too late for Emma’s planned gender reveal party. 

Not Paying

Emma informed Claire that she would not be paying for the ruined cupcakes, as they were inedible due to the mishap caused by Claire’s dog. 

She firmly believed that had Claire exercised control over her pet, the cupcakes would have been okay. 

At the party, her sister-in-law slammed her for not paying for the cupcakes.

She believed that Emma should have taken responsibility and paid for the ruined cupcakes as a gesture of goodwill towards the struggling small business. 

Racked With Guilt

This made Emma feel racked with guilt for a long time after the event. Now, she turns to Reddit to see whether she made the right choice. 

It didn’t take long for the internet to show its undying support for Emma in her upsetting situation.

Overwhelming Support

One user slammed the business owner for expecting any payment at all, “Next time, she’ll learn to lock him in a back room when she’s making a sale. “Don’t worry, he’s friendly” needs to stop being an excuse.

There’s absolutely no reason for you to have paid for cupcakes you didn’t receive, and which were ruined by her dog.”

On the other hand, this user felt more sympathetic towards Claire, arguing, “Her dog ruined the cupcakes she made for you. That’s sad for her, because it means she can’t get paid for them. You don’t need to pay her for cupcakes you didn’t receive because her dog destroyed them.”

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