She Refuses to Take Part Any Longer in Her Grandma’s Battle With the Neighbors, She’s Not Going to Mow the Lawn Any Longer

This 30-year-old recently took to Reddit to ask whether she was wrong for refusing to mow her grandmother’s lawn, therefore refusing to take part in her battle with her neighbors. Let’s take a look at the full story.

She Lives With Her Grandmother

The Original Poster (OP) is a 30-year-old who’s living with her grandmother.

Since her grandmother is the only person she’s really close to, she tries to help her out as much as possible to make her life easy.

She takes care of everything around the house and outside though she also has a profession. However, like many grandmothers, she won’t allow anyone to touch many things in the house for fear of someone breaking any items.

They Share Chores

Her grandmother cleans the dishes and mops the floor in a specific way that she likes.

OP strives to complete everything ahead of time, but she only gets delayed when she’s doing her office work.

The story began last year when OP went outside to cut the lawn, and she saw that the backyard was very wet. When she investigated further, she found the backyard completely muddy rather than just wet.

So she told her grandma that she didn’t lawn the mown as it was wet.

Suspiciously Wet

They waited for some time for the lawn to dry, but the grass wasn’t drying.

However, after two months, it became clear that the neighbors behind them were draining nasty basement water outside, affecting their and another neighbor’s household and lawns.

So as a response, a little while later, the grandmother asked OP to mow the grass very low to see if the neighbors were draining water on them again.

OP hesitated as she didn’t want to kill the grass but eventually did it.

Then, things became absurd as OP was told to mow the grass once a week and occasionally twice.

It Was Going Too Far

When OP was about to mow, the neighbor next door came over to her and complained about the dust from the lawn moving to their car’s right side.

OP told them to speak to her grandmother; her rules apply because it’s her home.

However, things continued to worsen, as the neighbor frequently complained that OP was trimming the grass too short due to the dust path.

And when OP’s grandma heard about the complaints, she got angry because the neighbors didn’t complain to her directly. She also refused to budge when OP recommended stopping mowing the lawn so short.

She Was Caught in the Middle

But there was no change, and the neighbors stopped talking with the grandma, and she won’t talk to them about it either.

Eventually, OP had enough of it, and she complained to her grandmother about the complaints and the mowing.

She used to enjoy mowing, but now she loathes it.

She deals with complaints and is constantly advised when and how to mow.

She told her to start cutting her lawn because she didn’t want to deal with the complaints.

However, OP is worried about whether she was wrong for telling her grandma to mow the lawn and refusing to do so.

She Removed Herself From Their Quarrel

Most Redditors sided with OP and shared their thoughts.

One Redditor asked if the neighbor’s water problem is still occurring. If yes, then they should complain to an authority. OP may apologize to her grandmother and explain that the situation has stressed her out and can talk it over.

As a response, OP commented, “I’ve spoken to my grandmother about the situation several times. But she always says that it’s not my house, the neighbors should complain to her and not me. I’m just to mow as I’m told and go inside the house once I’m finished. That’s it.”

Some Redditors said that OP was wrong for speaking to her grandmother like that and she should apologize.

While it’s understandable that OP is frustrated with the situation, there may be a way to address the problem without resorting to harsh words or actions.

So what do you think? Is she wrong for talking like that?

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