Cockroach With Your Coffee? Barista Waits 6 Months to Report Her Tyrant Boss to the Health Authorities!

Courtney, a 24-year-old barista, had been working at a coffee shop for nearly a year and had made some good friends. So how did she end up reporting the shop to the authorities and getting personally attacked by her friend?

The Coffee Shop Was Crawling

Here’s where things get buggy.

The coffee shop had a cockroach infestation that seemed to be getting worse by the day.

Courtney, Sarah, and Tom couldn’t help but talk about how disgusting it was to have those creepy crawlers roaming around.

Courtney even mentioned the idea of calling the health department, but both Sarah and Tom expressed concerns about losing their jobs if the place got shut down.

Wanting to be considerate, Courtney decided to hold off on taking any action… for a while, at least.

Better Job Opportunities

Fast forward two months and all three of them managed to find better job opportunities.

Sarah and Tom gave their notices well in advance, while Courtney, excited about her new gig with a significant pay raise, decided to stick to the standard two weeks notice.

Working at the coffee shop had become unbearable, especially with the notoriously terrible owner on top of the roach situation.

Courtney believed two weeks would suffice.

Dismissed Immediately

After submitting her notice, Courtney received a call from her boss, who instructed her to return her key and not come back.

When she dropped off the key, she noticed Sarah and Tom appeared somewhat annoyed, but she attributed it to them having a rough day.

However, soon after, both Sarah and Tom stopped responding to her texts altogether.

Reporting to the Health Department

But let’s talk about those pesky pests.

Courtney couldn’t get the image of those cockroaches out of her mind.

The fact that the owner refused to hire an exterminator and continued serving food disgusted her.

Waiting until after Sarah and Tom had left their jobs, Courtney made a decision.

She called the health department and sent them all the photos she had taken – the roaches crawling in the kitchen, infesting the drink station, and even invading the ice maker. Gross, right?

Jeopardizing People’s Livelihoods

A few days later, Courtney woke up to a scathing text from Tom.

While it’s too long to type out the whole thing, the main points can be summarized as follows:

He accused her of needing therapy, criticized her “sad” behavior, claimed that her call to the health department jeopardized people’s livelihoods (even though she never mentioned it to anyone), and called her a liar incapable of telling the truth or taking responsibility for her actions.

Personal Attacks

To add insult to injury, he went on to make personal attacks about her marriage, revealing private details that she had only shared with Sarah.

He concluded the text by wishing karma upon her and attempting to make her feel guilty for treating supposedly “nice” people the way she did.

Courtney was left dumbfounded.

A Strange Reaction

She couldn’t comprehend where all this anger was coming from.

Prior to this incident, the three of them had never experienced any disagreements or fights.

Moreover, Courtney couldn’t understand why Tom was so furious about her calling the health department when both he and Sarah had already left the job.

Having Doubts about Her Actions

With all the hurtful things Tom said in his text, many of them deeply personal, Courtney couldn’t help but question if she had done something wrong by reporting the coffee shop to the health department.

So, she turned to Reddit to find out if she was in the wrong.

Not to Blame

Redditors had varying opinions, but the majority agreed that Courtney was not to blame in this situation. T

hey acknowledged that the workplace environment was not good, and Tom and Sarah’s anger towards Courtney seemed to stem from her two weeks’ notice, which was deemed sufficient for the type of job she had.

The Redditors pointed out that companies are rarely shut down permanently due to inspection issues, and if there were problems, temporary closure to address them would be more likely.

Since Tom and Sarah were no longer working there and had acknowledged the roach problem, it was unclear why Tom was so upset about Courtney reporting the issue.

She Waited Too Long

Some Redditors speculated that Tom might be extremely immature.

However, one Redditor did express the opinion that Courtney was wrong for waiting six months to call the health department, allowing people to consume food from an infested establishment!

They believed that Courtney should have reported the issue sooner and that the food was contaminated during that time.

This viewpoint highlighted the potential health risks associated with the delay in reporting.

Support for Her Decision

Despite differing opinions on the timing of Courtney’s action, the majority of Redditors supported her decision to report the coffee shop.

They emphasized that no place serving food should operate while infested with cockroaches, as it poses both a health hazard and is generally unhygienic.

They commended Courtney for taking the initiative to address the issue and described her former coworkers as monsters for gossiping behind her back and saying vile things.

Always Do What Is Right

They encouraged her to see the situation as a win, as she got rid of a terrible job and two people who turned out not to be real friends.

There’s a clear moral to this story – always prioritize the well-being and safety of others, even if it means facing backlash or losing friends.

It is important to take action when confronted with an issue that poses a risk to others, such as health and safety concerns.

True friends and genuine relationships will support your decision to do what is right, while those who react negatively may reveal their true character. Stand up for what is right, even in the face of adversity, and surround yourself with people who share your values and integrity.

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