She Thought She Was Getting an Online Sugar Daddy. Instead She Got a Bully and a Scammer!

This story tells of the woman who responded to a DM on Instagram. It seemed like a good idea, but took a nasty turn.

Seems Like a Nice Guy

The Original Poster (OP) was scrolling Instagram when she received a DM from a man who seemed like a real guy.

OP says she is familiar with the Instagram scammers that approach you and claim to want to “help you out.” They are blatant scams therefore OP has always disregarded them.

But this DM was not from a bot profile, but one that was well-thought-out and included pictures and stories.

OP thought of just checking it out and started a chat. Then after a few words, he offered to make OP his sugar baby.

Sugar Daddy Scam?

OP immediately told him that she doesn’t have any money, doesn’t intend to send him any money, and doesn’t want to be conned.

He then starts into a lofty monologue about how he would never con or demand money from OP and that she shouldn’t worry.

OP was okay with this and decided to continue speaking with him. After exchanging phone numbers, they started texting each other.

Overall, things seemed harmless, and OP assumed she met a lonely old man wanting some attention.

Offered to Pay Off Her Debts

Things took a turn when he told OP that he will pay off her credit card debt, which they had previously discussed.

When OP inquired about how he plans to do this, he said he’ll be accessing OP’s credit card account and inserting his bank account information as the method of payment.

OP was hesitant as she knew sharing personal information is the number one mistake. 

However, OP was assessing the benefits and hazards of doing so.

As OP had over $2,000 in debt, she decided to give this a try and gave her login details while she sat in fear of what might happen.

Extremely Grateful

The payment was then made, and OP got an email confirming it. Then she immediately updated her password and gave him a heartfelt thank you.

The story took a turn, cut to last night at around one in the morning after they have been exchanging messages for roughly two weeks.

He started telling OP that he needs gift cards for cryptocurrency trading and that the only person he can trust is her, therefore OP must get the cards for him. He mentioned that he would pay it all back once OP used her credit line to purchase the cards.

Furious at Being Called Out

However, OP questioned him and then he started to become furious and said that OP owes him money for paying off her credit card debt.

As a result, OP gave him a flat-out no.

Things became worse when he started demanding his money back, threatening to ruin OP’s life if she didn’t repay him in 24 hours.

When she asked him how he wants to be paid, he replied with an email address OP was not familiar with.

OP began shivering and frightened as she had no money with her.

Blocked and Deleted

As a result, OP deleted all of her social media accounts and updated all of her passwords. OP blocked his number and started to consider all the information he actually had about her and what he might be able to do with it.

Next, OP started getting emails from him telling her not to “be smart” and steal his money. He threatened to file an FBI case unless she gives him his money within 24 hours.

OP then decided that she should tell everything to her parents and decide what to do. She took to Reddit to ask what she should do and whether this has happened to anyone else.

Overwhelmed by Support

Hundreds of comments poured in sharing their thoughts and support for OP.

One Reddit user wrote, “What happened to you is a pretty common scam. The payment they made is going to bounce in a few days due to insufficient funds. The scam was initially to try and get gift cards using your credit card, once that didn’t work he is now attempting to bully you into giving him money. He is a scammer. Call your bank and report fraud, then ghost the dude. There will be no FBI investigation on you, don’t trip.”

Another Redditor commented, “Don’t just blindly believe me, but I think it will be fine. Just ghost the dude. This is clearly a money laundering scheme. If anything, you have the power in this situation. That’s why they’re threatening the FBI.”

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