She Told Her Alcoholic Mother She Could Not Drink Around Her Son, She Didn’t Comply and Now She’s Cutting Her Off

Some family dramas can’t be fixed, sometimes there is so much emotion and tension that the relationship needs to be cut off, otherwise, things can turn toxic.

Family Drama

It is a shame that some family disputes and issues result in people never speaking again. However, it can happen. There is wisdom in the saying we can choose our friends but not our families. Although we love our families, sometimes some relationships are not supposed to be.

TikToker Samantha (@samanthamichlitsch) shares a storytime video on why she is no longer speaking to her mother. In the video, she shares a personal story, with very private details, about the last time they spoke and why this situation has caused her to put an end to their relationship. 

Samantha created the video in response to her viewers asking why she is involved with her partner’s family but not her own. She said there will be multiple videos to discuss this matter as there is a lot of information. Yet, the majority is within this one video. Plus, she will not disclose her siblings’ names or stories as this is not her information to share. 

Her Mother Had a Drinking Problem

Firstly, Samantha seems a very respectful woman, luring her audience in and making them understand her story is legitimate and equally moving as she is a kind person who probably never wanted the relationship with her mother to end. 

She starts by sharing that her mother became an alcoholic around 12 years ago. She started by drinking wine and wine coolers but this consumption quickly escalated into drinking Jameson, a strong whisky. When she last spoke to her mother, she would consume around a handle of Jameson every two days. 

Samantha shares that her family tried “everything under the sun” to get their mother to stop drinking, but it was never enough. While they were all trying to help treat her alcoholism, the mother would try to cause drama between the siblings in any way possible. 

Her Mother Would Deflect by Creating Family Drama

The mother would make up stories or prefer one sibling’s company on one day and then prefer someone else another day, all due to stories she made up in her head.

Samantha doesn’t wish to share examples of issues her mother created because it involves her siblings. But, you can just imagine what kind of stories would arise when the mother saw everyone was happy to try and break them apart. 

She goes on to state that her mother loved to create drama for no reason and when she did this, she would fly off the handle and not be easy to control. 

Samantha suggests that her mother needed therapy and other outside help to get her alcoholism and drama issues under control. Her mother experienced personal trauma, as did her siblings, but they always refused help. 

Hence, the mother never overcame her issues and instead, hindered her mental health to the point where she wanted to bring others down with her. 

She Set the Ground Rules: No Alcohol Around Her Son

Samantha moves on to share the reason her and her mother’s relationship had to come to an end. After she had her son, her partner’s family was very active in his life. They would plead to spend time with their grandson and as a result of this time they spent together, her mother would get jealous. 

When Samantha would allow her mother to spend time with her grandson, she made two simple rules. These were to not smoke in the house and to not drink and drive with the child. These are simple and easy-to-respect rules, however, her mother did not follow through.

She Didn’t Comply

These boundaries were broken and the relationship came to an end. If the mother cannot respect the child, how can the daughter respect her mother?

It is a shame when family members act this way, but it is for the good of Samantha’s son to end her relationship with her mother until she changes her attitude. 

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