Her Neighbor Was a Pesky Mail Thief, She Set up a Trap to Catch Him, but He Got Busted for So Much More Than That!

This is a story of a perfectly executed plan of revenge. She waited for the perfect time to strike and strike she did.

A Problem Neighbor

The Origial Poster (OP) had a problem neighbor for many years, who would terrorize the area by being an addict and bad neighbor. 

This would attract unsavory people who would break into houses, and cars, and steal packages. The neighbor had admitted his friends were committing these crimes, and the woman had seen CCTV footage from other neighbors showing his friends damaging cars. 

He Still Their Mail

The neighbor had also stolen bank cards that came in the mail, made a lot of noise that woke everyone up and had friends/fiends who would ring their bell in the dead of night.

The neighbor had been in prison multiple times for various serious crimes. Despite this, he would leave the main door open, so his friends could come and go. 

Sometimes they would kick the door down and trash the area. OP had asked the neighbor not to leave the main door open, but he had ignored their request.

Whenever OP received a package and was not home, the couriers would leave the package unattended in the front garden or the main area outside their door, despite their instructions not to. 

The neighbor and his friends would steal the package within seconds. Although she confronted the neighbor, he denied stealing any packages.

She Set a Trap

To catch the neighbor stealing her packages, she put up a camera in the main area. She saved the boxes from other packages, placed an apple and some plastic bags in there for weight, and set them outside. 

Within five minutes, the boxes were stolen by the neighbor’s friend who hadn’t seen the camera. OP called the police, who commended her for her set-up skills. 

But, when the police arrived, the neighbor had left the building.

OP informed the police that she was certain the neighbor was selling illegal things and terrorizing the area. The police said they would pay them a visit. 

Five days later, OP received a call from the police officer, who asked her to open the door quietly. When they did, she saw about 15 plain-clothed officers hiding behind a wall. 

The officers stormed inside, broke down the neighbor’s door, and arrested everyone inside. They seized boxes of illegal items, and the entire event was caught on camera. 

OP sent the footage to the landlord, and the police informed them. As a result, the neighbor was evicted.

It has been a month since the neighbor was evicted, and none of his mail has been picked up. OP is getting a lot of joy out of the situation.

What Redditors Thought

LostinLies1 wrote, “People shouldn’t have to live in a state of anxiousness just because they have a bad neighbor. Sorry this happened to you. I relished your revenge.”

TallGuy71 said, “None of his mail has been picked up? Quick, steal it!”

What do you think? Was this the perfect revenge? Have you ever had a horrible experience with your neighbor?

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