She Showed a Banned LGBTQ Film in Her Classroom Because of Its Earth Science and Ecosystems Content, Rather Than Its LGBTQ Content

This woke teacher in Brooksville has made national headlines after she chose to show a banned film to her class. 

A Casual Movie Showing

Jenna Barbee, a teacher known for her left-leaning beliefs, played the Disney movie “Strange World” to her 5th-grade class at Winding Waters K-8. She later learned that the film was banned due to its content involving sexual orientation. 

Barbee was removed from the classroom for showing the film, which contains a gay character. The Florida Department of Education is now investigating her.

Barbee recently posted a TikTok video, which has gained over half a million views, attempting to justify her decision to show the film.

She Justified Her Decision

In the video, Barbee defends her stance on LGBTQ and transgender issues and claims that she chose the movie not because of its LGBTQ content but to teach the kids about earth science and ecosystems. 

Board member Sharon Rodriguez argues, “Strange World opens the door to conversations that have no place in the classroom.”

Conservatives view the film as part of a left-wing agenda that includes environmentalism and the “climate crisis.” 

Barbee claims that she has had students approach her throughout the year, identifying themselves as part of the LGBTQ community. 

They Say Needs to Be More Responsible

Although Barbee says, she doesn’t force anything on her students. Parents who disagree argue that the things shown in the classroom, like visuals, signs, and movies, spark their children’s curiosity, and teachers like Barbee take advantage of that.

Other woke teachers who support viewing LGBTQ films say they have to create a safe space for discussions. 

Parents disagree as it goes against their religious beliefs. “Strange World” was not released in Muslim countries and China due to controversy.

They’re Dredging Up Her Past

This is not the first time Barbee has found herself embroiled in controversy. In 2016, she was arrested on fraud charges while working at a Spring Hill Target department store. 

Barbee was accused of stealing $2,200 and faced felony Fraud charges. Some believed her father, who was the Hernando County Clerk of Court, used his influence to hide her arrest. 

Eventually, the Sheriff explained it was a system error, and Barbee’s record was cleared. 

Her recent media appearances have gained attention, but how it will affect her case is unclear. 

The upcoming Hernando County School Board meeting on May 30th is anticipated to have a large turnout.

TikTokers Support the Teacher

In a shocking twist, TikTokers stood firmly beside the teacher.

One TikToker said, “We are behind you. I am so sorry. Thank you for teaching kindness… Florida and the world need more like you!”

Another slams Florida’s school board by arguing, “Representation of a gay or LGBTQ person is not indoctrination, but forcing straight and Christian belief into people’s lives is indoctrination.”

Do you agree with the Florida governing body? Or are you taking the side of the teacher? 

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