“Psycho” Girlfriend Stalked Him for 2 YEARS Before She Snared Him – Wait Until He Finds Out!

This extraordinary tale of love, lies, and loss comes to us from Reddit, and it’s almost too unbelievable to print! We follow Love, a 24-year-old woman who had been harboring a secret from her husband, Joe (28), for almost ten years! Buckle up because this is an INCREDIBLE story!

Love at First Sight

Love was just 14 years old when she first laid eyes on her future husband, Joe. It had been a chance encounter at the park, where Joe had been walking his dog and happened to strike up a conversation with Love’s older brother.

From that moment, Love was infatuated and determined to make Joe hers. But there had been an age gap to contend with, as Joe had been 18 at the time.

Orchestrating the Connection

Undeterred, Love had hatched a plan.

She discovered that Joe had a younger brother who would be attending her high school the following year.

Seeing an opportunity, Love set her sights on befriending Joe’s brother to get closer to Joe himself.

She dedicated herself to cultivating a friendship with Joe’s brother, and their bond had grown stronger over time. 

Love’s visits to Joe’s house became more frequent, providing her with valuable insights into Joe’s life through conversations with his mother.

Formally Meeting Joe Again

Eventually, Love’s persistence paid off as she formally met Joe again.

On the days when Joe had come over to hang out with his brother, Love dressed her best and engaged in playful banter with him.

Their connection deepened, and Love had even found herself involved in the sport for which Joe held a school record.

When Joe returned to their high school as a coach, Love seized the opportunity to spend even more time with him. Their friendship had blossomed further, and Love cherished every moment they shared.

Love and Joe’s Inseparable Bond in College

As Love entered college in New York City, she was surprised to learn that Joe had secured a job near her college campus.

It seemed like fate was bringing them closer together.

With no other friends in their new state, Love and Joe had become inseparable. 

The Evolution of Their Relationship

Their bond grew stronger, and their relationship evolved into a romantic one during Love’s sophomore year.

Joe eventually proposed to Love after she had graduated, and they celebrated their wedding almost a year ago.

Carrying the Burden of a Secret

But throughout their relationship, Love had carried this secret burden.

She had known the truth about how she had orchestrated their initial connection through Joe’s brother, while Joe remained oblivious to the lengths Love had gone to in order to be close to him.

Love had grappled with guilt whenever Joe shared their love story, knowing that her version of events had been vastly different from his.

She wondered if she should confess the truth to Joe or at least confide in Joe’s brother, as the weight of her secret had become increasingly heavy with each passing year.

The Fourth of July Revelation

Days passed, and Love couldn’t contain her secret any longer. It was the Fourth of July, and as they made their way back home after the fireworks, she mustered up the courage to confront Joe.

With a hint of intrigue, Love proposed a hypothetical scenario, questioning what would have happened if they had met before their official introduction.

Joe laughed it off and said their connection was meant to be from the start. Little did he know that Love was about to shatter his belief.

Unable to contain herself any longer, Love pulled the car over to the side of the road.

She reached for her phone, eager to show Joe a post she had previously shared, one that held the truth about their unconventional history. Joe’s initial confusion turned into a mix of shock, fear, and confusion as he absorbed the contents of the post.

Joe’s Emotional Reaction 

Love launched into a frenzy of explanations and apologies, desperately trying to ease the burden she had just placed upon their relationship.

But Joe interrupted her, his emotions overwhelming him. He sat there, sobbing uncontrollably, struggling to comprehend the magnitude of the revelation.

After several minutes of tears, Joe finally gathered the strength to ask Love a crucial question: How much of their relationship and her identity was false to win him over?

In response, Love spoke the truth.

She assured Joe that her personality and identity were never fake – except for the circumstances surrounding their initial meeting. Despite the questionable motives behind her friendship with Joe’s younger brother, their bond had evolved into a sincere connection.

The Need for Space

Joe, still struggling with a whirlwind of emotions, expressed his desire for some time apart. He needed space to process the truth and its implications for their relationship.

He urged Love to share the truth with his brother and mother, believing that they deserved to know the reality just as he did. Love agreed, and the rest of the car ride home transpired in silence.

Upon arriving home, Joe hugged Love tightly and cried for a few more minutes. Then, he packed his belongings and announced his decision to stay at a nearby hotel temporarily.

Although he assured Love that he still loved her, he couldn’t fully comprehend the orchestrated nature of their relationship’s beginning.

Feeling uncertain about the outcome of her revelation, Love took some comfort in Joe’s goodnight text filled with love. However, her hopes shattered the next morning!

Joe’s Betrayal 

She discovered that Joe had not gone to a hotel as he had claimed but rather to his family’s home.

He had lied about not wanting a divorce and had shared the entire story with them. To her dismay, Joe’s family now distanced themselves from her, labeling her as “psycho!” Love felt incredibly betrayed by his actions.

Love couldn’t help but question everything. She had invested so much in their relationship, only to be met with disappointment. She confessed because of suspicions fueled by the discovery of her old phone containing evidence of her years of infatuation with Joe.

At that moment, Love wondered if Joe had ever truly loved her if he couldn’t accept her honest confession. 

Have you ever kept a significant secret from someone close to you? How did it affect your relationship?

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