She Stole Her Hypocritical Mother-In-Law’s LGBTQ Pin Because She Faked Supporting Transgender

This Reddit user wanted to know if they were in the wrong for stealing an LGBTQ pin from their mother-in-law. After all, she doesn’t even support it. 

Trans for Trans Relationship

The Original Poster (OP), 18 FTM, and Nyx, 17 Gender-fluid, started dating about six months ago.

They are in a T4T relationship (Trans for Trans).

Early on in their relationship, OP got to know Nyx’s parents, and OP instantly fell in love with their family.

OP’s initial impression of their family was that they were really kind and encouraging. Mostly, their father was very encouraging.

A Difficult Mother-In-Law

However, their mother started to make OP feel uneasy. For instance, OP’s MIL requested them to use their original name instead of their preferred name.

OP says their MIL is generally a bit of a hypocrite. Despite her claims of being highly supportive, she frequently ignores OP’s partner’s preferred pronouns outright.

She frequently misgenders OP, and her support for OP seems like an act. And she’ll give gay people a speech about how challenging being gay is.

She Is Wearing the Pin

The story began during Nyx’s graduation.

The MIL showed them an LGBTQ ally pin that read, “You Are Safe With Me,” featuring the inclusive pride flag colors she was wearing.

She wished to begin donning it to “demonstrate that she is safe.”

She also gave pronoun pins to know which pronouns she should use. Nyx took and pinned the “They/Them” pin and continued to the ceremony.

However, OP’s MIL continued to use she/her pronoun for Nyx despite the pin. Throughout the day, OP and Nyx tried to correct her, but she always seemed to disregard OP and continued doing it on purpose.

The Crime Was Committed

The very next day, she informed Nyx that “we are the parents,” and “he needs to stop correcting everything.”

The turning point occurred when OP discovered the pin left unattended on the bathroom counter.

Seeing an opportunity to address their MIL’s performative allyship, they took the pin, initially hiding it beneath the counter.

Nyx entered the restroom after OP left.

And they walked out holding the pin and said, “I have an awful thought, look what I found,” before handing it to me.

OP proposed that they take it and hide it so that the MIL can’t act like an ally in front of others and give the impression that she is supporting LGBTQ+ people when she isn’t.

They believed it to be a wise decision and OP therefore took it.

Having Doubts About It

Now OP asked Reddit whether they were wrong for stealing the pin and several Redditors said that OP was wrong for what they did.

One Reddit user wrote, “Despite whether or not MIL is putting up a farce as an ally, and whether or not it’s deserved, you’re still stealing her property and are ultimately in the wrong.”

Another Redditor commented, “Wrong for stealing. The rest of the details are irrelevant unless it was a loaf of bread to feed your family. If you have issues with her, work with your partner on what you should do – whether it’s talking to her or removing yourself from the situation more.

Stealing hurts you more than her – it might seem small, but it’s whittling down your character and making you a worse person.”

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