He Planned to Overwhelm This Entitled Customer With Junk Mail After She Stole His Magazine Right Out of Hand

He was fed up with this entitled customer, so he sought to teach her a lesson with some good old-fashioned petty revenge.

A Part-Time Job

When the original poster (OP) was 18 years old, he worked part-time as the front desk receptionist at a low-end car dealership.

He had dealt with many colorful customers, including the occasional entitled customer, who would complain about the most ridiculous things. But there was one particular customer, who OP referred to as Betty, who was a real piece of work.

Betty was incredibly entitled, angry, and demanding. She was the type of customer who expected everyone to drop everything for her. She had come into the dealership four or five times before, and OP knew that things would go south each time.

An Overly Entitled Customer

One evening, Betty walked into the dealership while OP was reading a magazine. He put it down to greet her, but she asked to see the manager in a typical nightmare customer fashion. OP didn’t remember what she was so angry about, but he tuned her out and went back to reading his magazine. As the only customer in the building at the time, Betty’s voice echoed throughout the room.

Suddenly, he heard her stomping in his direction as she was leaving. Before he knew it, Betty had snatched the magazine right out of his hands. This took OP aback, and he felt like a sad little kid who just had his toy taken away. He said, “Hey! That’s mine! Give it back!”

She Took His Magazine Out of His Hands

But Betty refused. She said, “No! I will not give it back! Ask your MANAGER to buy you a new one!” OP asked her to return it again, but she shouted, “NO! IT’S MINE NOW!”

OP couldn’t believe it. Never had he been treated in such a way. His manager apologized and said that he would get him another magazine, but OP declined, feeling the need to take matters into his own hands.

Now, OP had always been a goody-goody when he was a kid and teen. He never did anything remotely bad for fear of getting into trouble. But Betty ignited something in him. When he got off work, he went to his local grocery store, headed straight for the magazine aisle, and spent just over an hour opening each one and taking out the removable cards you fill out to subscribe to the magazine.

He Would Get His Revenge

OP was determined to get his petty revenge and knew exactly what to do. He accessed the dealership’s customer database, including Betty’s home address and phone number. He made a note of it before going to the store, spending another hour or two filling out each card with her name and address.

OP was sure to check the “bill me later” box for a 12-month subscription on each one. He got multiple magazines for every category he could think of, including fashion, pop culture, outdoors, LGBTQ, crafting, fitness, cooking, sports, guns and ammo, African American, Latino American, teeny bopper, traveling, auto racing, and many more. He got close to 100 magazines in total!

The next day, OP dropped them all in one of those community USPS collection drop boxes that were on his way to work. He was excited to see what would happen next, hoping B got all the magazines she deserved.

He Doesn’t Know How It Turned Out

But to this day, he still wonders what happened to Betty. They never saw her at the dealership after that incident. Maybe she received all the magazines and was overwhelmed by the sheer number of them. Perhaps she was confused as to why she was receiving so many magazines. Or maybe she was thrilled to have all those subscriptions!

And while we’ll never know for sure whether Betty ever received all those magazines, it’s hard not to laugh when you imagine her opening her mailbox every day to find yet another subscription she never asked for.

Whatever the outcome was, OP was satisfied with his petty revenge. He couldn’t help but chuckle at how petty and childish his revenge was. But at the time, it had felt like sweet justice. He had finally stood up to someone who had treated him unfairly, and he had gotten the last laugh.

Redditors absolutely loved this guy’s tale. One user said, “This is a great prank to play on anyone. Back in the early 2000s, we did it to a single guy who was a toxic macho type. We signed him up for bridal magazines, ladies’ magazines of every type imaginable, and it was hilarious when he complained to one of us about it. We never did tell him we did it.”

What do you think about his tale? Was it justified or overkill?

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