She Met a Guy on a Dating App…You Won’t Believe What This Creep Did While She Was Sleeping!

This story follows Clarice and her unsettling encounter with a man named Bill. As their relationship progresses, Clarice begins to notice peculiar behaviors that leave her questioning his intentions. 

A Slow Burn

Clarice had recently entered the dating world after being single since she was 17.

She connected with a guy named Bill (27) on a dating app a few months back, and they had been chatting consistently without meeting up, mainly because Bill confessed to being shy and insecure.

Clarice, being someone who valued personal space and cherished her alone time due to her avoidant attachment style, didn’t mind the delay in meeting. They finally had their first date a few weeks ago, which went well. They talked for hours and enjoyed each other’s company. However, things took a strange turn last week.

Clingy and Controlling

Bill came over to Clarice’s house to watch movies and somehow ended up staying the night. After he left, Clarice noticed a sudden shift in his behavior. He started bombarding her with clingy messages, expressing how much he missed her, despite having just seen each other a few weeks prior.

This clinginess intensified when he stayed over the next day, and Clarice found it bothersome. He got annoyed whenever she tried to readjust herself while cuddling and even expressed annoyance when she mentioned a future trip with her friends.

Clarice decided to address this clinginess with him later, hoping to establish boundaries if they continued seeing each other. Unfortunately, she never got  around to having that conversation.

Her Hair Had Been Cut

About a day later, while looking at herself in the bathroom mirror, Clarice noticed something off about her hair. She had a stylish haircut with choppy layers, but one side appeared jagged and blunt.

Normally, hair is cut at an angle, not straight across, and this particular lock of hair was about three inches shorter than the rest. Additionally, a small section of it remained untouched, the same length as the rest of her hair. Panic set in as Clarice took great pride in her hair, having worked hard to grow it out over the years.

She desperately searched for a logical explanation, wondering if an animal had chewed on her hair without her noticing. However, the blunt cut didn’t align with that theory. She even reviewed pictures from throughout the week, hoping to pinpoint when this could have happened, but her hair looked fine in all the pictures.

Suspected Foul Play

The more Clarice examined her hair, the more she began to suspect foul play. It looked as though someone had cut it with a pair of scissors or something sharp!

The only time she wouldn’t have noticed it happening would be when she was asleep. She spent the entire day contemplating how crazy this was while avoiding Bill’s increasingly clingy texts.

They had only met a few times, and they weren’t officially dating, so Clarice grew more and more uncomfortable with the situation. She tried convincing herself that she was being irrational, finding an excuse to end the relationship before it even fully began due to her avoidant attachment style.

It Happened Again!

Despite her doubts, Clarice cautiously contacted Bill and agreed to hang out with him again last night.

Due to her recent promotion at work, she had been exhausted and fell asleep while he was at her place. Clarice convinced herself that everything was fine, that it was all in her head. However, her conviction shattered the next day when she looked in the mirror and noticed another uneven lock of hair on the opposite side of her head.

This confirmed her suspicions that Bill had been cutting off chunks of her hair while she slept, completely unbeknownst to her! Now, she found herself unsure of how to handle the situation.

She Felt Threatened

Clearly, Clarice needed to end things with Bill, but she worried about potential retaliation due to his erratic behavior and knowledge of her home address. She feared he might react negatively. Breaking up with him safely became her top concern as she sought advice on navigating this delicate situation.

The implications of this behavior raise concerns about Bill’s actions and potential motives. Given the gravity of the situation, Clarice needs to prioritize her personal safety. If she feels threatened or fears any form of retaliation from Bill, it is crucial for her to take immediate action to protect herself.

Get Help and Support

Clarice should also take precautionary measures such as changing her locks, securing her home, and being mindful of her surroundings. If she suspects any ongoing threats or harassment, she should contact local authorities or seek legal advice.

Immediately seeking advice and support from her friends or family members will provide Clarice with help and a support system during this challenging time. They may offer guidance, provide emotional support, and help her navigate the situation.

Considering the potential risks associated with confronting Bill directly, Clarice should exercise caution. Breaking off the relationship in person may not be the safest option, and she would be better off sending a text and then going no contact.

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