She Thought She Could Make Her Oldest Child Do All of the Parenting, but Her Daughter Called Her Out

In a family gathering that took an unexpected turn, a 24-year-old woman was taken aback by her mother’s seemingly unreasonable expectations from her teenage half-brother. The surprising confrontation at the birthday party has since stirred up a discussion about responsibility and parental duties online.

A Gap in the Party

The original poster (OP) is a 24-year-old woman who has several half-siblings, all with the same mother. 

OP is closest to her 17-year-old half-brother, who lives with their mom and the husband she married when OP was 16. The new couple has two kids of their own, including a newborn. 

OP spends more time with her dad’s family because she gets along with them better, but she recently visited her mom on the older lady’s birthday. There were a lot of family members there, but OP realized her teenage half-brother and the baby were missing.

A Rough Day for the Two of Them

When OP asked her mom where her two siblings were, she said that the teen had gone to check on the baby to give his mom a break.

OP thought that was strange since there were so many other people around who could have helped, but she let it go and decided to find her brother.

After searching around the house for a while, OP finally went to her teenage brother’s room and found him rocking his baby sister. The little girl was wailing uncontrollably, and the teen was crying, too.

Diapers and Formula Were Everywhere

There were diapers and formula scattered all over the room, and OP asked her brother what was wrong. He said he was super frustrated because he had tried everything to get the baby to stop crying, but nothing worked.

OP isn’t sure how she did it, but she managed to get both of her half-siblings to calm down. Then she asked her brother why he didn’t ask someone for help.

The boy told OP that he was pretty used to taking care of babies since he provided a lot of the childcare for his first little half-sister, too. He was confused why his usual tricks hadn’t worked this time around, though.

She Was Shocked

OP was shocked by this revelation and couldn’t believe that her mother was asking so much of the teenager. By the sounds of it, her half-brother was spending more time with the mom’s new kids than she was.

So OP headed back out into the backyard where the birthday party was still going on. She confronted her mother and asked her why she was dropping so much responsibility on a 17-year-old boy.

OP’s mom told her to relax because the boy really enjoyed taking care of his siblings. OP told her he didn’t look like he was having that much fun when she found him sobbing because he couldn’t get the baby to stop crying.

Was She Out of Line?

That’s when OP’s mom went red with embarrassment as the crowd got uncomfortably silent.

Later that day, OP’s mom called her and told her that she respects her opinion, but that she was out of line for calling her out at the party. Even the mom’s boss was there, and she said he was giving her the silent treatment.

OP still thinks it’s wrong for her mom to expect so much of her teenage son, but she wonders if maybe she went too far by exposing her in public.

She Was Justified

Most Reddit commenters think OP was justified for calling her mom out in front of family and friends at her birthday party.

Many of them say that may be the only way mom would take the situation seriously and maybe make changes.

Some think that, while OP could have talked to her mom in private, it would have been too easy for the older lady to blow off the importance of the issue.

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