She Told Her Boyfriend to Wait Outside So Her Dog Could Eat, Her Boyfriend Was Not Happy!

She asked her boyfriend to wait outside before coming inside his RV until her dog finished eating. Let’s take a look at the full story.

She’s Training Her Dog

The Original Poster (OP) is a 30-year-old whose 10-pound dog had some resource guarding issues.  She has taken him to trainers, where she learned a lot about her dog’s behavior and how to deal with him.

She had learned that it was best to correct his behavior at half his threshold so the dog could make small changes at a time. For example, instead of taking his food away when he was eating, she would stand beside him or feed it to him.

The story started when OP and her 30-year-old boyfriend went on a camping trip.

She Asked Him to Wait Outside

She informed her boyfriend that she would feed her dog inside his RV while camping. Her boyfriend was still working on a few things outside.

After her boyfriend finished them, he wanted to enter the RV, but the dog was halfway through eating its dinner.

OP requested him to wait a moment because she knew that if he entered the RV without waiting, the dog would snarl and get the food taken away because her boyfriend would have to walk right by him.

OP said that she wants to train her dog in a positive method that doesn’t just penalize him all the time but instead rewards him for good things like being a good boy and not growling while someone is around him.

Her boyfriend advised OP that expecting him to wait outside while any dog is eating is impolite and that her dog should simply put up with it.

He Didn’t Wait

Then he entered the RV, and OP’s dog barked, and she had to take away his food and put a muzzle on him.

Then OP explained why she told him to wait outside, and her boyfriend responded that OP was wrong and that she should apologize for asking him to wait outside even after OP had described her “threshold” thinking.

Then, he proceeded to tell OP to calm down, but OP started disagreeing, and as a result, he raised his voice to her and then repeatedly asked her, “Why do you do this?

The argument lasted for some time, and then he went to sleep.

Choosing Dog Over Him

The last thing he said to OP before he went to sleep was, “This could have all been avoided if you just acknowledged me instead of defending your dog.”

The comment left OP wondering if she was in the wrong in the whole situation.

She took to Reddit to ask their opinions, and most Redditors were split in their views.

One Redditor mentioned that OP’s boyfriend has very little respect for her as he can’t wait 30 seconds out of consideration for her training regimen. The comment read that he doesn’t even need to understand it fully, he needs to respect OP, and instead, he felt the need to assert his importance.

Although other Redditors said that OP was in the wrong as she insulted her boyfriend.

A Reddit user pointed out that OP’s method of training her dog is wrong and went on to say, “This method of training where you actually take his food for reacting is not positive. That’s a negative punishment (removing something the dog desires). Hand feeding is great. Trade-up games (where the dog can choose to give something up in exchange for something higher value) are great. Taking a food-possessive dog’s meal away and muzzling him is really really not great. Why would your dog trust you?”

So what do you think? Was it unreasonable of her to ask her boyfriend to wait until her dog finished eating?

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