She Is Incredibly Proud of Her Son, Her Daughter Not So Much. But Was She Wrong for Telling Her So?

This mother has two children who couldn’t be any more different, but we all know you should never compare children. Did she go too far telling her daughter she didn’t make her proud?

Two Very Different Children

The Original Poster (OP) has two children, Leah (f26) and Kevin (m21), who have contrasting personalities. 

While Kevin is an excellent student and athlete, driven by his goals, Leah struggles to persist in activities where she does immediately excel. 

Both siblings have been given equal opportunities growing up, and neither has had to work harder than the other.

She Doesn’t Excel at Any One Thing

Leah has attempted various activities in her life, but she tends to give up quickly if she does not excel at them. 

On the other hand, Kevin has always been involved in sports and excelled in school, partly because of his desire to continue playing sports. 

While Leah’s grades have always been lower than Kevin’s, she did attempt to pursue further education but was unable to complete the second semester due to a lack of interest.

Leah later got a job, but her ultimate goal was to become a mother. 

Two Very Different Paths

She had a child with her high school boyfriend, but they broke up, and Leah’s parents are raising her grandchild. 

At 26 years old, Leah has not achieved any of her goals and does not have a career, marriage, or children.

In contrast, Kevin has received a scholarship as an athlete, and he is studying at a prestigious university while playing football for his college team. 

At his recent 21st birthday party, Kevin’s parents expressed pride in his achievements. 

When Leah asked why they had never expressed pride in her accomplishments, her parents responded that they did not feel she had accomplished anything to be proud of, other than being a nice and respectful person. 

Leah became angry and accused her parents of calling her a failure.

The parents believe they are not responsible for their response to Leah’s question, but Leah is angry with them.

What Do You Think?

One user wrote, “This girl has done NOTHING to be proud of. She abandoned her kid and quit when things got hard.”

Another argued, “You’re honestly telling me that your daughter has done zero to be proud of?” Wow, her therapist must love the money they are getting after this poor girl had you as a parent.”

Membersh!t_Bitter responded, “She abandoned her own kid to be raised by her parents! How can anyone be proud of her?”

What do you think? Were the parents wrong for saying they had nothing to be proud of, or was there really nothing their daughter has done to make them proud? 

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