She Told Her Sister to Pay Attention, if She Continued Down Her Path She Would Become a Mother-In-Law From Hell and Is Just Like Her Own MIL!

A woman shared with the Reddit community a recent conversation she had with her sister. She had confronted her about her outspoken behavior about losing her sons to other women in the future, leading to feelings of being unloved in her home.

Her Sister Has a Big Family

OP’s (the Original Poster) sister is 33 years old, while OP is 25. Her sister has been married to Kevin since they were 18, and together, they have four children, including two boys aged 8 and 6, a 5-year-old girl, and a 3-year-old boy.

Throughout her marriage, OP’s sister has expressed dissatisfaction with her mother-in-law’s behavior towards her husband, describing her as overly possessive and disrespectful towards her role as a wife and mother.

Additionally, she has mentioned how her husband’s two sisters have distanced themselves from their mother due to her perceived favoritism towards her sons, which has caused tension within the family.

A Difficult Mother-in-Law

OP observes that their sister is a mother of boys who often expresses her fear of losing her sons to other women in the future.

OP’s sister frequently shares memes and creates Instagram videos that reflect her concerns about being replaced by her future daughters-in-law. She has been known to cry on camera about the thought of her sons leaving home and starting their own families.

OP also notes that her sister never mentions her daughter in these posts, suggesting that her fears are specific to her sons and not applicable to her daughter’s future relationships.

Following In Her Footsteps

On a few occasions, OP’s sister has confided in their mother about her anxieties regarding her sons growing up and no longer being her “little guys.” These conversations have often resulted in tears.

When OP’s sister mentioned these concerns to OP, she tried to offer a different perspective by questioning why she would want her sons to have the same kind of relationship with her in 20 years’ time.

However, OP’s sister has consistently avoided engaging with this line of thinking.

OP, a mother of two children, has a son who is 2.5 years old and a newborn daughter just a few weeks old. She looks forward to watching her children grow and develop into wonderful individuals.

Cherish the Present Moment

However, she also cherishes the present moments with them and believes that her role, as well as her husband’s, is to guide and nurture them as they grow and learn. While also attending to their needs while they are still too young to do so themselves.

A few days ago, OP’s niece spent the day with her. During their time together, the young girl asked OP if she was sad about having a daughter this time.

OP replied that she loves her daughter dearly and wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world. When asked why she asked that question, the niece confided in OP that she sometimes feels like her mother wishes she were a boy. She said that her mother seems to prefer her brothers over her.

Her Niece Is Missing Out

The girl also shared that she doesn’t spend much time with her mother and requested that OP speak to her on her behalf.

OP had a conversation with her sister recently about her niece feeling neglected. OP suggested that her sister should spend more time with her daughter to help address these feelings. 

However, her sister dismissed the idea and continued to post about being a “boy mom” on social media, emphasizing that she will always be the most important woman in her sons’ lives. 

OP voiced her concern to her sister, warning her that these attitudes could lead to her becoming a difficult mother-in-law, much like the one she complains about. Her sister responded by accusing OP of not understanding what it’s like to be a mother.

OP wonders if she is the one in the wrong.

What Redditors Said

Reddit users have voiced their opinion on OP’s situation, with the majority agreeing that she is not the one in the wrong and that her sister’s behavior is concerning. Some users suggest that OP should try to spend more time with her niece to provide her with a positive role model and a safe place to talk about her feelings.

However, others warn that OP’s sister is unlikely to change her behavior and that focusing on helping her niece is the best course of action. Additionally, some users speculate that OP’s sister’s obsession with her sons is indicative of deeper issues and suggest that she may benefit from therapy.

Many users express concern for OP’s niece, who is clearly feeling neglected by her mother, and urge OP to continue supporting her. Some suggest that she may eventually go no contact with her mother in adulthood. Overall, there is a consensus that OP’s sister’s behavior is unhealthy and that her obsession with her sons may have negative consequences for her entire family.

What do you think? What would you do if you were OP?

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