Her New Job Was Not What She Expected. The Job Didn’t Last Long, but Was She Justifiably Fired?

Bosses can suck sometimes. That’s why this woman’s story of petty revenge on her boss feels so sweet. It may be small, but it’s keeping her sane at the moment!

A New Job

The Original Poster (OP), a young woman in her mid-twenties, had always been passionate about social media marketing. She spent hours on end analyzing different brands and companies’ social media content, trying to determine what worked and what didn’t. So, when she landed a job in marketing, she was thrilled. However, the job was not what she expected.

She had been working in her new marketing job for a local telecommunications company for a few months. The company was small, with only about 150 employees. It was hyper-local, and they were trying to compete with big names in the telecommunications industry.

OP’s job was to handle the company’s social media accounts, which included Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, she soon realized that the company didn’t know what it needed.

It Was a Lot of Work

They wanted her to do three different jobs, all in one role. And to make matters worse, her boss got hired just a week before she was.

The company had hired her to do three different jobs all at once, and while she tried her best to keep up with the workload, she struggled with personal issues and poor time management skills. Despite her efforts, the company let her go at the beginning of March.

OP’s boss was new, the replacement for the previous boss who had retired. From the very beginning, OP had a feeling that something was off about her boss. It became clear in a meeting when the boss said, “Yeah, I wasn’t involved with hiring the OP.”

Her New Boss Had It in for Her

OP was surprised and taken aback by this statement. It seemed like her boss was trying to distance herself from the decision to hire her, and OP couldn’t help but wonder why.

Despite her performance not being at her best, OP was still passionate about social media marketing. She spent a lot of time analyzing social media content from companies and brands to determine what worked and what didn’t.

She knew her way around social media like the back of her hand and felt disrespected when her boss looked down on her expertise.

The telecommunications company was trying to compete with some big names in the industry, but they only seemed to get positive organic social media engagement from their employees.

The rest of their engagement was not very positive, and they received a lot of comments from customers who wanted better services.

His Ideas Were Outdated

OP’s boss had certain ideas about what kind of social media content would perform well and increase engagement. However, her ideas were outdated and old-fashioned, and OP knew they wouldn’t work.

She tried to explain this to her boss, but it seemed like her boss just didn’t understand social media marketing, as well as she did.

To make matters worse, the company even outsourced some of its social media content and strategy to a marketing agency. The agency’s recommendations were almost identical to the recommendations OP had given her boss, yet her boss still didn’t listen.

Feeling frustrated and angry, OP decided to take matters into her own hands. She kept following the company’s social media profiles and reported any posts that her ex-boss had approved as spam.

She knew that her ex-bosses ideas for organic social media content were essentially making ads, which she knew wouldn’t perform well or be seen by many people.

She Kept Track of His Poor Choices

While OP wasn’t sure if her actions would have much of an impact, it made her feel like she had some power in the situation. It also satisfied her hunger for petty revenge, even if it was a small victory.

Looking back on the situation, OP realized that her ex-boss’s lack of understanding of social media marketing was a significant factor in her being let go from the company.

She had tried her best to do what her boss wanted, but it just didn’t work. OP learned a valuable lesson about standing up for her expertise and not letting others diminish her skills and knowledge.

She Eventually Found a Better Job

In the end, OP moved on from the job and found another opportunity that allowed her to use her social media marketing skills to the fullest. She was grateful for the experience and the lessons she learned, even if they were hard-earned.

And as for her ex-boss? Well, OP hopes that she learned a thing or two about social media marketing and how to value the expertise of her employees.

Reddit users enjoyed her tale. One user wrote, “Ex-boss: “I have an MBA!” OP: “Congrats, you’ve won a free spam report.”

What do you think of her tale? She doesn’t come across as the most employable person, maybe her boss was right to fire her?

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