She Held Her HOA to Account About Their Lack of Progress and Gained Support Online

One woman shared her frustrating encounters with her homeowner’s association (HOA) during Zoom calls and accused them of not getting anything done.

Frustration of Dealing With HOA

A TikTok user recently shared a series of eye-opening clips featuring her interactions with her homeowner’s association (HOA) during Zoom calls, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

The frustration many people feel when dealing with HOA fees is only compounded when faced with an unhelpful and unresponsive association.

Sascha, known as @gibbysgirl2u on TikTok, documented her experiences attending HOA meetings via Zoom, allowing viewers to fully immerse themselves in her frustrations.

The comments section became a supportive space, with many individuals commending Sascha for confronting the HOA and shedding light on their practices. 

Lack of Progress

In her videos, Sascha revealed the difficulties she encountered in trying to establish effective communication with the association, including an incident where she was wrongly sent to collections.

One of Sascha’s initial videos drew attention to the lack of progress and responsiveness from the HOA. Sitting calmly in front of her computer during a Zoom call, she questioned the purpose of the board when they claimed to have “no new business.” 

This led to an immediate interruption from another woman who clarified that it was not a board of directors meeting.

Confusion ensued as Sascha pointed out the agenda that explicitly stated “new business,” prompting the realization that the agenda was indeed sent out by a fellow participant.

Holding HOA Accountable

Undeterred, Sascha expressed her frustration, highlighting the lack of awareness and offensive responses from the HOA members. The exchange escalated when the other woman stated that the meeting was not the appropriate platform for such discussions. 

Sascha questioned when and where it would be appropriate to address her concerns if progress was not being made. In subsequent clips, Sascha voiced her disappointment at the lack of traction, bringing attention to the mishandling of accounts and the absence of updates during financial reviews.

Throughout the videos, Sascha’s determination to address the genuine issues faced by the community remained unwavering. Even when disconnected from the call, she continued to emphasize the importance of holding the HOA accountable. 


Sascha questioned the value of paying for meetings led by individuals who lacked substantial input and noted the absurdity of being asked to submit requests in advance when preparedness should be an inherent part of their job.

The engagement and support from viewers grew as the videos unfolded. Comments flooded in, expressing delight at Sascha’s ability to leave the HOA members speechless and likening the drama to captivating Court TV moments. The desire for more updates and information was evident, with viewers eagerly anticipating further revelations and revelations of the “tea.”


Sascha’s TikTok videos served as a platform to expose the challenges faced by homeowners dealing with unresponsive HOAs. Her courageous stance resonated with countless individuals who have experienced similar frustrations and sparked a collective desire for change within the community. 

By sharing her story, Sascha ignited a passionate dialogue and brought attention to the need for transparency, accountability, and effective communication within homeowners associations.

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